OnApp v4.2

New products to sell. New ways to add value.

What's the best way to compete as a cloud provider? Don't spend your time managing infrastructure. Get OnApp 4.2, and sell new value-added products with your cloud. Like affordable, real-time DR. Instant CDN for virtual servers. Customizable self-service for vCloud Director, High Availability, and everything else you can sell with OnApp - from cloud to bare metal, streaming to SaaS.

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One-click CDN for virtual servers

For many cloud providers, CDN is just too much hassle to set up, manage and sell. With OnApp Accelerator, that's no longer a problem.
With a simple switch in the OnApp control panel, you can automatically optimize and accelerate OnApp virtual servers, so end users get content served automatically from the closest, fastest location. No need to configure or manage your own CDN: it’s a fully managed service.

Customizable self-service for VMware clouds

OnApp 4.2 transforms vCloud Director with customizable self-service, enhanced metering and billing, and a rock-solid, intuitive UI.
Now you can sell vCD-based cloud services with flexible company billing plans, multiple billing models, and full control over the resources customers can buy, configure and manage for themselves.

Disaster Recovery everyone can afford

OnApp DRaaS (Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service) makes enterprise-class DR affordable for all of your clients.
You can sell real-time replication and restore for virtual servers with industry-leading RPOs and RTOs. OnApp DRaaS works for any virtual server using OnApp Storage. You can get DRaaS as a fully managed service or build DR across your own datacenters.

What else is new in OnApp v4.2?

Enhanced Cloud, CDN & Storage

OnApp v4.2 adds dozens of improvements to the core OnApp platform, including... 
High Availability clusters for all OnApp components
HV maintenance mode
Bring-Your-Own-ISO for provisioning
Two-factor authentication with Yubikey
SSD caching with OnApp Storage
Simplified deployment of different Cloud Boot server types
http/2 support and enhanced caching for OnApp CDN

New OnApp Federation features

The OnApp Federation connects your cloud to a global marketplace where you can add more scale and new locations to your cloud, and sell your spare capacity. OnApp v4.2 adds....
New UI for Federation locations and resources
Network uptime metadata for Federation locations
Autobackup for Federation virtual servers
Updated zone withdrawal system for sellers
Enhanced logs for Federation virtual servers