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Bacula4Hosts adds incremental backup and file-level restore to your cloud, so your customers can restore specific files and databases as well as snapshots of entire virtual machines.

Bacula4Hosts is priced at $8 per hypervisor and $3 per virtual machine, with volume discounts available.


Use Bacula4Hosts via its API or through HostBill, WHMCS and other billing platforms. Bacula4Hosts will be fully integrated with the OnApp control panel in a future release.

Reduce the load

Using incremental backups reduces the load on your network and saves disk space, by only backing up data that changes.

GUI control

Your customers can restore specific files, database tables and databases from any available restore point through a simple UI.

Flexible data protection

Use Bacula4Hosts with Xen, KVM and VMware hypervisors on a per-HV, per-VM or per-zone basis.

More backup options

You can use incremental backup and OnApp backup at the same time, to give customers different recovery options.

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Bacula4Hosts with OnApp & HostBill or WHMCS

With OnApp Cloud plus HostBill or WHMCS, your customers get incremental backup and restore through their portal. Here’s how it looks in the Cartika cloud, with HostBill.

Bacula4Hosts in the server overview
Browsing available backups
Using the file restore wizard