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A new take on hybrid hosting - and why hybrid hosts are growing the most

Caroline Paine, Cloud Evangelist, OnApp
Caroline Paine
Cloud Evangelist, OnApp

There are many definitions of “hybrid” in the hosting industry. Public and private cloud. Onsite and offsite servers. Disk and solid state SANs…  and I’m not going to talk about any of them.

Instead I’d like to explore a different take on "hybrid", and look at what it means at the service level. At how cloud providers are using a hybrid of different hosting technologies to win new kinds of business, and meet a wider range customer application requirements than ever before. Hybrid gives service providers the ability to be as bespoke as their customers need them to be.

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Video: how long does it take to build your own cloud?

How long does it take to build your own cloud - a week? A day? An hour? With OnApp, less time than you think... 

In this video, Paul Morris uses the power of timelapse to install an OnApp cloud in less time than it takes to cook breakfast. The video is only two minutes long, but keep an eye on the real-time clock: we get to a working OnApp control panel in a little over ten minutes...

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What happens next when you sign up with OnApp? Meet the CATs…

James Withall, VP Customer Care, OnAPp
James Withall
VP Customer Care, OnApp

So, you've signed up with OnApp - welcome aboard! But what happens next? 

Meet our Cloud Architecture Team - otherwise known as the CATs. The Cloud Architecture Team are the first people who look after you when you sign up with OnApp. Their job is to make sure your deployment goes smoothly, and afterwards, to give you advice on expanding your cloud, changing your network and storage configuration, and quite a few other activities.

They used to be called the integrations team, and of course they still help our customers integrate OnApp with their infrastructure and apps - but they do an awful lot more than that. That's why we renamed them, and I thought it might be helpful to explain their role.

Hard at work in the CATcave

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Smart Server selfies at WHD 2014!

WHD is always a fantastic event, and this year's show was easily the best yet. Of course, we were there to demo the latest and greatest version of OnApp...but what really stole the show was our amazing Nerf Gun Smart Server Selfie giveaway! Would you wear one of our t-shirts, take a photo of yourself, and tweet it to the world for a chance to win a Nerf? Yes. Oh yes, you would... 

OnApp Smart Server selfies at WHD 2014


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From VPS to virtualized service provider: the new OnApp-WHMCS integration

Carlos Rego, CVO, OnApp
Carlos Rego
Chief Visionary Officer, OnApp

The new OnApp-WHMCS integration creates a 100% turnkey cloud and client management platform, giving hosts everything they need to enter the cloud market. OnApp’s Chief Visionary Officer, Carlos Rego, tells the story behind the new integration and just what it means for hosting providers.


When we decided to build OnApp, almost 5 years ago, one of the decisions we made was to focus on the management and metering of the infrastructure layer, and leave the accounting to existing billing packages. We didn’t want to force hosts, or their customers, to use yet another system just for cloud: it would complicate their accounting and increase their overheads. But more than that, we wanted to deliver the promise of a ‘single pane of glass’ for all services. By tying OnApp into their existing system, a hosting provider can give customers access to everything they offer, all in one place.

Towards the end of 2010, we released our first two integration modules for the WHMCS platform. They were successful, but not perfect, so in 2013 we made the decision to scrap them and start over, with the help and feedback of the WHMCS community and WHMCS itself. The results of this effort are what we announced today, with the launch of a brand new OnApp-WHMCS integration based on a stack of 6 modules: VPS, Cloud, CDN, DNS, Load Balancer and Reseller.

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