New opportunities for service providers & enterprises

CDN whitepaper - new opportunities for service providers and enterprise


  • The CDN market today
  • CDN models
    • Build your own/private CDN
    • Managed/licensed CDN
    • The third way: hybrid private/managed CDN
  • The OnApp approach
  • Real-world deployments
    • Service providers
    • Telcos and carriers
    • The OTT sector
  • Looking ahead

While nobody disputes the performance benefits of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for web applications, there have been significant barriers to CDN adoption among service providers and their customers.

The CDN market has been dominated by a handful of very large specialist providers, which has kept prices artificially high. At the same time there are providers offering free CDN services but without much, or any, support or SLA. At last, however, a new approach to CDN is transforming the market.

This paper explores the pros and cons of traditional private and managed CDN. It then introduces the new way to deploy a Content Delivery Network, which combines the simplicity of managed CDN, with the control afforded by the ‘build your own’ approach.

Using turnkey, off-the-shelf software components, and federated public and private cloud infrastructure, this ‘third way’ enables service providers, telcos, OTT video providers and other enterprises to realize the benefits of CDN without compromizing control, quality or affordability.

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