Open, agnostic & extensible

OnApp Cloud enables IaaS for service providers. It turns commodity hardware into public and private cloud infrastructure, and gives you the tools to create and run a wide range of cloud services, quickly and easily.

  • True cloud architecture

    OnApp Cloud is a true cloud platform with self-healing and automatic failover. Its architecture is designed to optimize cloud scalability and resilience, while enabling intuitive control over cloud resources and straightforward integration with third party apps via a control panel and open API. 
    OnApp architecture

  • Multi-hypervisor support

    OnApp is a hypervisor-agnostic platform. Currently you can manage cloud services based on Xen, KVM and VMware virtualization technologies, in the same integrated control panel. Other hypervisors will be added in future releases. 

  • Networking

    OnApp transforms your server and storage hardware into a virtual network system, using hypervisors to control virtual protocols and security. With this infrastructure in place, you can host a multitude of secure cloud servers with fluidity and control.
    OnApp network configuration

  • Open API

    OnApp provides a full API to enable integration with your billing, support, CRM or other systems. OnApp has already been integrated successfully with Ubersmith, WHMCS and HostBill.
    OnApp API

  • Integrations

    OnApp integrates with leading billing applications, including Ubersmith, WHMCS and HostBill. Our open API simplifies integration with a wide range of other applications.
    OnApp integrations