Incremental backup

for virtual servers & smart servers

With OnApp you can sell cloud, dedicated servers and more through one fully-automated control panel. Now OnApp supports incremental backup for virtual servers and dedicated smart servers too. By backing up only the files that change, your backups are faster, you reduce the disk space required and ease the load on your cloud infrastructure. 

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Enhanced location groups

We’ve made it easier to manage cloud infrastructure spread across different datacenters.

Location groups allow you to group server, storage and network resources in a specific location (“Asia-Pacific” or “New York”, for example) so you can set appropriate billing to reflect regional variations in infrastructure costs.

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OnApp Storage Graph

Recovery & storage tools

OnApp also features new recovery tools for virtual servers. When you reboot virtual servers into recovery mode, you can now include custom troubleshooting applications, like disk checkers and registry editors, in the recovery image.

Plus, there’s a new diagnostics screen for OnApp Storage, our integrated SAN, which helps you identify and resolve issues with redundancy, striping, zombie disks and more.

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Custom Android branding

OnApp for Android is now just as rebrandable as our iOS app! If you’re running the full version of OnApp, our rebranding package lets you customize our free Android app with your own look, feel and logo.

We’ve also updated our universal iPhone/iPad app to support iOS 7.

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