Cloud services running on OnApp

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Black Lotus was one of the pioneers of Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) mitigation technologies in the U.S., and today offers a range of DDoS mitigation and DDoS-protected hosting services, including cloud servers and bare metal servers powered by the OnApp Cloud platform. The Black Lotus cloud features its patent-pending Human Behaviour Analysis (HBA) engine, which detects and blocks malicious connections in order to mitigate Layer 7 (application layer) DDoS attacks. 

"We came to OnApp because we have hosting customers, small-to-medium businesses, that require cloud instances – very simple, affordable clouds. But we also have enterprise customers who require Layer 7 DDoS mitigation, and we can power that through OnApp, by running our HBA engine in an OnApp cloud."

- Jeff Lyon, president, Black Lotus Communications