The OnApp Federation

Get the scale & reach to compete with the megaclouds

The OnApp Federation is a global network of clouds you can use, on demand, to add scale and reach to your own cloud service. It gives you instant access to global compute cloud and content delivery infrastructure. 

Global cloud infrastructure on demand

When customers need more scale than you have available, or want to deploy apps where you don't have local presence, use the OnApp Federation to dial up what they need - in real time. When you combine your local presence and support with access to infrastructure, all over the world, it's easy to compete with the megaclouds... 

  • Expand your cloud to 170+ locations, on demand
  • Add global scale for compute and content delivery
  • Host customers close to their users, to improve performance
  • Host customers in specific locations (or outside specific locations) for compliance


The OnApp Federation marketplace provides metadata about the price and performance of each location

Transparent wholesale marketplace  

The OnApp Federation is a global network of hosts, telcos and service providers running on OnApp. At its heart is a wholesale marketplace for cloud and content delivery infrastructure. To add scale and reach to your cloud, you just use the Federation marketplace to provision what your customers need.

The marketplace is completely transparent. You browse the locations available, check price, performance and uptime data, and add as many locations as you need to your cloud. You only pay for Federation capacity when your customers use it.

Create unique cloud services with ease

The range of products and services you can offer via the Federation is growing all the time. Choose high performance locations and sell hosting for the most intensive apps, or value locations for non-critical websites. Choose locations with renewable energy for 'green' cloud hosting services. Or pick locations with data sovreignty in mind, and build clouds that scale within specific countries or regions. 

Expand your local cloud, or go fully virtual

You can use the Federation to expand your local cloud, or become a Virtual Service Provider and create cloud and CDN services using Federation infrastructure only. Check out and for two examples!

Sell capacity and create new revenue streams

You can sell cloud infrastructure to the OnApp Federation, too. You set the wholesale price and get paid when other members of the Federation use your resources. It’s an easy way to monetize your cloud and CDN infrastructure - especially if you have datacenters in unusual or high-traffic locations, or infrastructure with attractive price, performance or uptime characteristics.