The OnApp Federation

The world's biggest pool of cloud and CDN capacity

The OnApp Federation gives you instant access to cloud and CDN resources in hundreds of cities, with a wide range of price, performance and SLA options available. 

It's a huge pool of virtual infrastructure that you can use to create services that are as global and diverse, or as local and niche as you like.

You can use the OnApp Federation standalone, or as an extension of your own network. It's all based on an open marketplace that's completely transparent, fully managed and completely independent of any service provider or carrier.

Open Marketplace »

The OnApp Federation is built on OnApp Market, a wholesale marketplace for service providers. Using OnApp Market you can buy and sell capacity on a 'public' or 'private' basis. 

Locations »

The OnApp Federation launched with capacity available in more than 170 locations, in 113 cities, across 43 countries - and it's growing in scale all the time.

How to join »

It’s easy to get started. Add global scale and reach to your existing cloud, or create services that target global, regional or local markets without owing any of your own infrastructure.


Go global without investing in infrastructure

The OnApp Federation gives you real-time access to as much global compute and content delivery capacity as you need, in real time. You can deploy cloud servers for your customers wherever they need them, without having to invest in your own infrastructure. You only pay for the capacity you use, when you use it.

Create unique cloud services with ease

The OnApp Federation lets you mix and match many different kinds of cloud capacity, making it easy to differentiate by building services for specific customer needs. Sell compliant cloud hosting that includes or excludes specific countries or regions. Choose locations with renewable energy and launch green cloud hosting services. Choose high performance locations and sell hosting for the most intensive apps, or value locations for consumer websites and blogs.

Use the Federation to grow

With global capacity available on tap, no RFP is beyond your reach. You can help your customers enter new markets and deploy at scale, with the benefit of your own local market expertise, local presence, support and managed services – a much more valuable proposition than generic public clouds.

Simple infrastructure management

You don’t have to manage multiple clouds, multiple partners, multiple bills and support teams to go global with the OnApp Federation. It’s all managed through your OnApp control panel. The OnApp Federation launched with capacity from providers in more than 170 locations, in 113 cities, across 43 countries, and is growing in scale all the time.

Free up cash and create new revenue streams

The Federation gives you the flexibility to add global capacity on demand, freeing up cash from investment in hardware to invest in other parts of your business. At the same time, the Federation provides an instant global channel for providers who make infrastructure part of their business – you can sell your capacity to providers around the world with very little effort.