• On-premise cloud appliances from OnApp & Intel
  • Turnkey solution for HCI / cloud management
  • Makes private cloud easy for SMBs and Enterprises
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Private cloud. In a couple of hours.

Private cloud should be easy. Easy to buy, easy to deploy, easy to manage and easy to use.

With Intel and OnApp, it is. We’ve created a turnkey “private cloud-in-a-box” solution for SMB and enterprise customers – available now from Intel Technology Partners, and OnApp cloud providers.

It’s streamlined, powerful, intuitive and cost-effective – the way the cloud should be.


Deploy private clouds in hours, not days or weeks

Low cost

Less than a third of other private cloud solutions


Easy to sell, deploy, manage and use


Flat rate licensing & pricing per physical server

Private cloud: solution overview.

Our private cloud solution combines Intel hardware with OnApp’s industry-leading cloud management platform. OnApp is a secure, intuitive and highly automated environment for managing hyper-converged infrastructure, building private clouds and  provisioning IT to users and departments.

Standard Intel hardware configuration:

Our private cloud solution is based on Intel® Bobcat Peak server architecture (SKU: LTP2224R4503086, MM# 958741 – contact your Intel rep or Intel distributor to order)

  • 4 x compute nodes in a 2U Chassis
  • 2 x Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 processors per node (8 total)
  • 16 x DDR4 DIMMs per node (2400 MT/s)
  • 24 x hot swappable drives
  • Dual 10 or 40Gbit ethernet
  • Easy to add scale with additional nodes/chassis

OnApp cloud management platform:

OnApp handles all private cloud deployment, management and provisioning:

  • Multi-cloud/multi-hypervisor: Xen & KVM, with seamless AWS connectivity
  • Multi-OS/multi-app: huge library of Windows & Linux templates & applications
  • Advanced user management: secure RBAC for multiple departments or tenants
  • Software-defined storage: built in as standard
  • Backup & DR: built in as standard
  • Whitelabel: fully rebrandable UI
  • Enterprise-grade security: multi-layered security model, single sign-on, anti-spoofing/sniffing firewalls, whitelisting and 2FA

Private cloud. Benefits across the business.

OnApp brings intuitive automation and control to the enterprise datacenter – helping businesses improve IT utilization, control access and costs, offer secure self-service within policy frameworks, and run workloads where they work best – on premise, or in the public cloud.

For IT & Operations

For IT & Operations

Private cloud offers a way to improve the way IT serves the business, while improving utilization and control of IT assets.

  • Automate to reduce cost
  • Increase IT responsiveness
  • Improve IT resource control

For Finance & Management

For Finance & Management

Private cloud improves IT utilization to increase ROI, and enables IT to respond faster to business needs.

  • Improve IT ROI
  • Promote agility & innovation
  • Improve IT alignment

For Departments & End Users

For Departments & End Users

Private cloud enables employees to self-serve IT resources within constraints set by IT, and the business.

  • Control IT spend
  • Empower with self-service
  • Speed project delivery

How to get started.

Forget about months of development, customization and integration work. With Intel and OnApp, you can build a private cloud in a couple of hours.

#1. Buy the hardware

Contact your Intel rep or Intel distributor to purchase the server system our private cloud is built on (SKU: LTP2224R4503086, MM# 958741). Check the Intel website for more information about the server chassis and compute nodes you’ll need.

#2. Get OnApp!

Contact us to get your license key, or call 866 234 3240 (US) or 0800 158 8600 (UK) to speak to our Intel team.

#3. Install OnApp

It’s easy to install OnApp on your Intel  hardware. Check out the video for instructions, or download the step-by-step OnApp install guide.

#4. Configure OnApp

Once OnApp’s installed, there are just a few steps to get your clients ready to run applications in their new private cloud.