OnApp Storage

Cloud storage, solved

With OnApp Storage you can create scalable, resilient, high-performance storage for your cloud, using commodity disks in your servers. OnApp Storage works with virtual servers and smart servers based on Xen and KVM. 

Easy to deploy

Building your SAN is easy. You install disks in the servers managed by OnApp and assign them to one or more virtual datastores. Datastores are categorized by performance, so you can create high performance, mid performance and lower performance datastores, and each can have its own policy for striping, redundancy and over-commit, and its own pricing.

When a customer creates a virtual server in your cloud, they simply choose from the datastores available to allocate storage - for example, a high-performance datastore based on SSDs, or a highly resilient datastore with multiple redundant copies.

Use commodity hardware

OnApp Storage is an extremely cost-effective cloud storage platform. There is no vendor lock-in with supported disk types or custom network backplanes: you can create your distributed SAN using your existing infrastructure, with off-the-shelf servers, disks and Ethernet components. You can use SATA, SAS or SSD devices, and get exceptional performance even in a 1Gbit network environment.

Using commodity hardware removes the biggest costs of working with traditional SANs - the cost of your initial deployment, and the cost of the upgrade when you outgrow your capacity.

Easy to manage

OnApp Storage datastores are treated just like other forms of storage in OnApp: by combining datastores, billing plans, user permissions and limits it's easy to create tiers of storage for different customer applications. Building and configuring your SAN is handled through the OnApp control panel GUI, from assigning disks to datastores, create/edit/resize/snapshot/repair/migrate operations for virtual disks; and managing physical disks. OnApp Storage also reports on key metrics for virtual disks and physical disks in your distributed SAN.

Highly scalable

Because OnApp Storage creates your SAN using disks in your cloud servers, it's very easy to scale your storage capacity as your cloud grows. You can add more storage capacity to your SAN whenever you need it, just by adding more disks and/or more servers, and you don't have to rebuild the whole SAN.

Fast & efficient

OnApp Storage optimizes I/O throughput for your SAN. Each disk’s I/O queue is independent, so there is no single point where bandwidth bottlenecks can occur. Each storage node manages and compresses its own content in the most efficient way possible, without loss of performance. This ensures that data is stored optimally across the whole environment, while maintaining data replication and drive resiliency properties.

VM-aware technology

OnApp Storage is 'VM-aware': whenever possible, a copy of a virtual server's data is always stored on a physical disk in the same physical server. This optimizes storage throughput and performance, and is another key part of OnApp Storage's high throughput for cloud workloads.

Smart disk technology

With our patent-pending smart disk technology, each physical disk in OnApp Storage is a smart, self-managing, self-discovering and self-contained unit. Your integrated  SAN knows which physical disks hold copies of data for a specific virtual machine, and uses that information to rebuild VM data if a problem occurs with any of the physical copies.

This doesn't require a centralized management system. The intelligence is on each physical disk, which can make decisions about data synchronization and load balancing without a central controller, so there is no single point of failure. It also enables disks to be hot-swapped between hypervisors while preserving the integrity of the data they hold.

Other features

  • Runs alongside or instead of any centralized SANs you already use
  • Supports disk over-commit/thin provisioning
  • Includes disk snapshot and revert
  • Configurable striping and redundancy
  • Fully open, RESTful API