OnApp Storage

The fast, scalable distributed SAN for your cloud

OnApp Storage is a high-performance distributed SAN built into the OnApp cloud platform. It gives you fast, resilient and scalable storage for your cloud without having to invest in proprietary SAN hardware, or compromise performance with a software SAN. 

Building a new datastore in OnApp StorageScalable storage built into your cloud

OnApp Storage creates an enterprise-class SAN across disks in your cloud's hypervisor servers. It distributes data across those disks while giving you full control of replication and performance.

OnApp Storage is designed for cloud workloads, and scales naturally with your cloud as you grow. As you add hypervisors to your cloud your storage scales too - and you can add more disks whenever you need to, without having to rebuild the whole SAN.  

OnApp Storage schematic

No SAN vendor lock-in

With OnApp Storage, there's no vendor lock-in with supported disk types or custom network backplanes: you can use off-the-shelf servers, disks and network components. OnApp Storage works with SATA, SAS and SSD drives, and can deliver exceptional performance even in a 1Gbit network environment. Using commodity hardware removes the biggest costs of working with traditional SANs - the cost of your initial deployment, and the cost of the upgrade when you outgrow your capacity.

Optimized for cloud workloads

OnApp Storage gives you intuitive control of striping, redundancy, storage overcommitting and pricing. Our unique VM-aware technology optimizes throughput, by ensuring that data resides on the same server as the application that needs it, while patent-pending smart disk technology maximizes resilience by removing the need for a central storage controller. 

Full cloud integration

OnApp Storage is fully integrated with OnApp Cloud: you can provision storage and manage billing for multiple tiers of storage, just as you would with a traditional SAN. You can use OnApp Storage instead of, or alongside, a traditional storage array. OnApp Storage works for OnApp virtual servers and smart servers built on Xen and KVM.