OnApp 2.1 extends leadership in cloud management software for hosts

With OnApp 2.1, OnApp extends leadership in cloud management software for hosts

Free update enables hosting providers to offer private cloud services, extends cloud resource billing capabilities and adds KVM hypervisor support

Cloud Expo Europe, London, 2nd February 2011: OnApp has extended its lead in cloud management software for hosting providers, with the launch of OnApp 2.1. OnApp software lowers the entry barriers to cloud hosting, enabling hosts to offer fully-featured cloud services without huge up-front investment in software, infrastructure and integration. OnApp 2.1 introduces features that make cloud hosting accessible to a wider range of hosts, with new options for private clouds, cloud resource billing and resilience, and KVM hypervisor support.

The new version of OnApp is free to existing customers. For new customers, OnApp offers a free 12-month trial of OnApp 2.1 (for deployments of up to 100 CPU cores) followed by a low monthly license fee.

Carlos Rego, OnApp’s MD and Chief Architect, said: “OnApp 2.1 makes it easier than ever to build a successful cloud hosting business. In 2.1 we’ve made it easy for hosts to offer private clouds, as well as public, hybrid and VPS cloud offerings. We’ve expanded our hypervisor support, and introduced utility billing for IOPS. OnApp is the only cloud management tool designed specifically for hosts, and this release extends our leadership in this market.

The cloud hosting market is growing rapidly, and the window of opportunity is shrinking for hosters to take advantage of the low CPAs and high margins our customers are seeing today,” Carlos Rego adds. “Hosts have three basic choices when moving to the cloud. They can build their own management system, or try to customize a generic cloud framework: however, the time, cost and complexity of these approaches is usually prohibitive. The alternative is to use OnApp, and have a cloud up and running in as little as a day.

OnApp 2.1 highlight features

  • Availability zones: hosts can now group cloud resources into zones that make it easy to offer private clouds to end users – one of the fastest growing segments of the cloud hosting market. This is also significant for small hosts that don’t always have the resources to build their own cloud. They can buy a private cloud from a larger host and use it to resell cloud hosting to their own customers. Zones also enable hosts to segment their datacenter infrastructure for added cloud resilience.
  • IOPS billing: hosts can now monitor and charge for IOPS, as well as the utility billing for CPU core, CPU priority, disk space and network resources already supported. This improves control over cloud storage resources, and provides new options for cloud hosting service design.
  • KVM hypervisor support: OnApp 2.1 now supports hypervisors using KVM virtualization technology, which is increasingly popular in the hosting industry. OnApp already supports Xen hypervisors and will add support for VMware and Hyper-V in future releases.

A list of all new features, improvements and fixes in OnApp 2.1 is available at http://onapp.com/support/changelog.

About OnApp
OnApp develops cloud management software for the hosting industry. OnApp software was developed from the ground up to enable mass-market hosts to build their own cloud hosting services. It enables hosts to deploy clouds in the datacenter using commodity hardware; provides rich functionality for cloud deployment, resource management, user management, failover and utility billing; has a high density design to maximize a host’s margins; and features pre-built integration to leading hosting billing engines, including WHMCS, Ubersmith and HostBill.

OnApp launched in July 2010 after two years of development. OnApp has offices in the US and Europe, employs more than 45 staff and can be found online at http://www.onapp.com


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