Everything you need to build a global cloud business

OnApp provides everything you need to build a global cloud business, in one integrated platform. You get a complete cloud management system with a built-in SAN, a global CDN, a hosted DNS service, load balancing, autoscaling, metering, billing, user management and much more, included as standard.


Cloud CDN Storage
OnApp Cloudeverything you need to design and deliver public cloud, VPS cloud, hybrid and virtual private cloud services. It's a complete cloud management and orchestration platform, designed to remove the entry barriers to the cloud for service providers.  OnApp CDN: everything you need to create your own CDN service, and a new source of revenue accelerating apps, video and content for your clients. It's a federated CDN that gives you instant access to capacity in locations all over the world.  OnApp Storage: everything you need to build enterprise-class storage for your cloud, using off-the-shelf servers, disks and network components. It's a distributed SAN designed for cloud providers, with intuitive control of striping & redundancy and close to raw disk performance.