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With SolidFire all-SSD storage, your customers can guarantee IOPS for disk-intensive workloads as seamless part of your OnApp cloud service.

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Solidfire all-ssd storage rack - fivestack

Consistent high performance

SolidFire all-SSD storage is designed for cloud providers. Its consistent high performance gives your customers the confidence to host the most disk-intensive workloads in your cloud.

Solidfire Control integrates with OnApp

Guaranteed IOPS per workload

With SolidFire storage, your customers can choose IOPS for each virtual machine through the OnApp control panel.

Solidfire and OnApp give high scalability

Highly scalable

SolidFire clusters scale from 5 to 100 nodes, for up to 7.5 million IOPS and 3.4PB of storage.

Fine control of storage QoS with OnApp billing and Solidfire backup

Fine control of storage QoS

Set minimum, maximum and burst IOPS per VM, with prices controlled by OnApp billing plans. Plus, use SolidFire’s clone feature to backup VMs.

For the first time, cloud computing is a viable option for I/O intensive applications or databases- Aaron Weller, Crucial Cloud Hosting