OnApp for Service Providers

OnApp for cloud service providers, hosts and telcos

The world’s best clouds run on OnApp

The rise of a handful of very large cloud service providers has put enormous pressure on hosts, telcos and MSPs. With OnApp, you can sell the full range of IaaS services in one fully automated, end-to-end platform; add scale and geographic reach without CAPEX on new infrastructure; and take new services to market, extremely rapidly, without months of development and integration work.
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Compete on product range

OnApp lets you sell the full range of cloud services through one white label portal, alongside dedicated servers, smart servers, SaaS/PaaS apps, CDN, DR and more… so you can handle any customer workload, compete for any RFP and keep your service competitive and sticky.
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Host any workload

Sell cloud on VMware, Xen, KVM & EC2; host bare metal, smart servers, SaaS & PaaS apps; sell web acceleration, global CDN, Disaster Recovery and more, through one UI.

Integrated storage

No need for a dedicated SAN: OnApp has high-performance distributed storage built in. It also supports any external block storage appliance.

Integrated CDN

OnApp offers one-click global CDN for web applications, and includes full global CDN capabilities with streaming and video on demand support. You can build CDNs across your own datacenters, or use locations on the OnApp Federation to get global reach without building new infrastructure.

High availability & DR

OnApp manages multiple clouds, performance and availability zones in one UI, has automated backup and failover built in, and supports Disaster Recovery with real-time replication and restore.

Flexible billing

OnApp lets you monetize all of your infrastructure. Bill for every hardware resource on a utility, plan or instance basis, and manage multiple tiers of customers and resellers, in one platform.

Ultra-fast time-to-market

OnApp is a turnkey platform that deploys in days, not months. It comes with free remote installation & configuration, 24×7 telephone and email support, and a 15 minute SLA as standard.

Compete at scale.

With OnApp, any cloud service providers can offer global scale, on demand, without having to build new datacenters or form multiple partnerships with other providers. You can add more scale to your cloud on demand using the OnApp Federation, our global network of wholesale clouds.
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Virtual service providers can offer global scale, on demand using the OnApp Federation
With the OnApp Federation you can extend your cloud into countries

Instant global reach.

Your customers need low latency for their applications and content. They need control over data location, to comply with national and industry regulations. They need the redundancy of distributed cloud, and an easy way to take their services into new markets. With the OnApp Federation, you can extend your cloud into countries all over the world, on demand.
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