OnApp for Enterprise Cloud

Hybrid cloud management

OnApp helps make IT and DevOps more agile by providing a single abstraction and management layer for private cloud and global public cloud infrastructure.

By bringing multiple virtualization platforms and service types together, under a single pane of glass, you can increase utilization of private cloud infrastructure, simplify multi-vendor public cloud strategies, and optimize workload placement for price, performance, compliance, DR and more.

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Become your own global cloud service provider.

OnApp creates a single management and provisioning environment across multiple clouds, multiple geographies and multiple hypervisor technologies – enabling you to create and deliver your own flexible in-house cloud services. And, with the OnApp Federation, you can add as much public cloud scale and reach as you need.

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Unify infrastructure

Manage multiple datacenters with one set of orchestration, metering, monitoring and chargeback tools.

One pane of glass

VMware, Xen, KVM, EC2… private cloud, public cloud, bare metal, DR… manage everything through one UI and one API.

Single vendor, multi-cloud

Through the OnApp Federation you have access to as much global scale and geographic reach as you need, through any service provider partner you choose.

Private compute clusters

Use OnApp to deploy distributed clouds for computationally-intensive tasks.

Private CDN

Use OnApp’s integrated CDN capabilities to boost performance for business applications, distribute internal communications content, training videos and more.

Real-time Disaster Recovery

Use OnApp to create high performance DR clusters for critical applications – provide Continuous Data Protection with industry-leading RPO and RTO metrics.