High Availability Cloud & Disaster Recovery

OnApp high availability cloud and cloud disaster recovery services

Hardware failures, natural disasters and human error can all impact cloud availability at a VM, server, rack or datacenter level.

That’s why OnApp clouds can be configured for high availability throughout, not just on the VM level – from basic backup and failover, to real-time replication across one or more remote sites.

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“Cloud-based disaster recovery is top of mind for virtually every IT department, regardless of the size of the business” – IDC

While cloud infrastructure is inherently more resilient than traditional IT infrastructure, you only have to look as far as the latest high-profile outage at Amazon, Azure or Google to prove that “cloud” alone is not a guarantee of high availability.

OnApp gives you the tools to maximise availability in your local datacenter, and protect your customers with real-time replication to ‘availability zones’ at a city, country and continent level.

For public cloud

Use OnApp to offer tiers of HA, prioritizing your VIP customers, and enabling real-time replication of VMs in our global DRaaS network.

For private cloud

Use OnApp to create your own Disaster Recovery service, replicating workloads in real time to your own network of datacenters.

OnApp cloud high availability configuration
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High Availability Cloud

The OnApp cloud platform protects you and your customers against storage, server and rack failures, with everything from automatic backup and failover, to HA clusters for all OnApp cloud components:

  • Distributed backup – back up to multiple servers automatically, with incremental backup and full server snapshots supported
  • Cloud health monitoring – configurable alerts and customizable failover thresholds
  • Automatic failover – if a local hypervisor is unresponsive, virtual servers and smart servers can be migrated to a healthy hypervisor (OS-dependent) or cold migrated
  • HA clustering – OnApp clouds can be clustered so you can maintain availability for your clients in the event of an outage

Wide Area Disaster Recovery

OnApp protects business-critical workloads with real-time replication of entire VMs, zones or clouds to one or more remote replication sites. Our real-time Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service solution minimizes data loss (or avoids it altogether) should the unthinkable happen at one of your datacenters – and provides the means to quickly restore data and applications after the problem has been resolved.

  • RPOs are so low that for most workloads you can expect zero data loss
  • RTOs are only as long as it takes to reset the IP address and start the replicated VM on the remote site
  • Use our global DRaaS network for replication, or your own sites

Based on OnApp Storage – the distributed storage system built into the OnApp cloud platform – OnApp DR can be enabled in a couple of clicks, and protects your cloud at a fraction of the cost of traditional DR solutions.

OnApp DRaaS VM replication for cloud disaster recovery
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