OnApp for Private CDN

Build your own Private CDN at a fraction of the cost with OnApp

Build your own CDN with OnApp.

Build your own Content Delivery Network with OnApp, at a fraction of the cost of managed or licensed CDNs from legacy vendors.

Use OnApp for OTT video on demand, broadcasting, software delivery and more – making full use of your existing infrastructure, adding PoPs from our marketplace if you need them, and retaining full control of traffic flow, pricing and margins.

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Your CDN. You own it. You control it.

It’s hard to grow your CDN business with legacy vendors, unless you’re happy to make do with tiny margins, or to hand over control of your network. With OnApp you can build your own CDN, making full use of your infrastructure. You control traffic flow. You control pricing and margins, and you own the customer.

For Telcos

Create new OTT, wholesale and reseller revenue streams, using OnApp to become a CDN provider in your own right.

For Carriers

Use OnApp to launch your own wholesale CDN service, leveraging your own network or subsea infrastructure, and integrating peering partners as required.

For OTT services

Build private CDNs for Video on Demand and live TV – and add scale and reach with public locations, on demand.

For Game Publishers

Use OnApp to distribute software and patches, deliver DLC and keep download speeds high for customers anywhere in the world.

Typical OTT video architecture with OnApp CDN
“Traditionally there have only been two ways for carriers to do CDN: roll your own, or license a third party network. With OnApp we’ve found a third way… This is really where all carriers need to be headed”
Jon Vestal, VP Product ArchitecturePacnet

Make full use of your infrastructure.

OnApp CDN makes full use of your datacenter and network infrastructure investments. Deploy PoPs in your network with caching servers, dynamic acceleration servers, storage servers, live streaming or Video on Demand servers. You choose the bandwidth between them. You choose the server specs. You set the pricing.

Turnkey CDN stack

OnApp CDN is easy to deploy, and includes a whitelabel management portal for administration, monitoring and reporting.

24x7 support included

Your OnApp CDN stack includes round-the-clock support, and a 15 minute SLA as standard.

No vendor lock-in

OnApp CDN has a simple monthly license for PoPs you deploy on your own infrastructure, and transparent pricing for capacity you use from our network.

Flexible deployment

You can deploy OnApp CDN edge servers as dedicated or virtual appliances.

Scalable and resilient

OnApp CDN has full failover capabilities, load balancing servers to ensure High Availability, and scales out as far as you need.

Manage your own PoPs

Put edge servers wherever you want to minimize latency and manage content delivery costs.

With the OnApp Federation you can extend your cloud into countries

Extend with the OnApp Federation.

By controlling traffic and the distribution of PoPs in your CDN, you can maximize use of your infrastructure investments and reduce the load on your network backbone. If you need more scale, or want to reach new markets, you can add capacity on demand from the OnApp Federation, with more than 170 public and private locations available in 43 countries.
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