Tomorrowland, Miss Universe and the rise of the federated CDN

If you’re planning a launch, running a promotion or managing a large global event, the last thing you need is problems with your website.

You want to make it an event to remember for all the right reasons, with 100% uptime, fast page loads and no problems with log-ins and other back-end functions. That’s what a Content Delivery Network is for. What’s interesting, though, is the shift away from static, lock-in legacy CDNs to the kind of fluid, federated CDN service we’ve been helping our clients create for the last couple of years.

It’s a shift that’s borne fruit for two pretty high profile brands in recent weeks, and two OnApp clients: Reliam, which hosts the Miss Universe web application, and, which hosts websites for the record-breaking Tomorrowland festival.

We caught up with the CEOs of Reliam and Stone to ask why the federated approach is driving large brands to source global hosting infrastructure from their local service provider – not from the big guys you might expect…

Tomorrowland gets federated with

How do you keep your website up when a million people want to buy tickets? That was the challenge for Tomorrowland, a huge electronic dance music festival that took place at the end of July in Boom, Belgium.

Fans from 214 countries applied for 180,000 tickets – that’s more nationalities than attended the London Olympics – and when tickets went on sale the festival sold out in less than a second. That’s a pretty crazy record, even by Tomorrowland standards.

Tomorrowland chose local hosting specialist over Amazon and Azure to host its ticket preregistration, activation and customer information websites, using 46 OnApp CDN locations.

We spoke to Stone’s CEO, Stein Van Stichel, about the project – check out the video.

Stone is also taking care of hosting for the upcoming Tomorrowworld event in the US, for which tickets are still available!

Stein Van Stichel, CEO of Stone Internet Services, talks about hosting Tomorrowland websites with OnApp CDN.

Miss Universe switches to OnApp with Reliam

More than 100 million people are expected to watch the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA competitions this year, and sees a huge spike in traffic when each telecast begins.

The Miss Universe Organization has used Reliam since 2005 to design and manage the web application infrastructure for this huge global event.

This year, Reliam switched to OnApp CDN from EdgeCast to give much more granular coverage for the Miss Universe website, and reduce CDN costs at the same time.

Reliam CEO Nate Johnson spoke to us about the project, and the Reliam approach to internet application management. Check out the video.

Reliam logo
Nate Johnson, CEO of Reliam, talks about hosting the Miss Universe website with OnApp CDN.


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