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OnApp v5.3 simplifies add-on services for cloud providers

Makes it easy for cloud service providers and enterprises to offer a catalog of applications and managed services for customers and users to deploy with cloud servers

London, 31st January 2017: OnApp has launched v5.3 of the OnApp cloud management platform, which helps cloud providers add value to their customers and users by delivering application services and managed services along with virtual servers in their OnApp clouds. OnApp’s new Service Add-On and Service Catalog features enable cloud providers to offer a range of add-on services, such as software installs or managed Linux/Windows administration, in a fully automated way – reducing manual effort, and enabling them to tailor their clouds to the specific needs of different customers and users.

OnApp v5.3 is available now as a free upgrade to the global community of OnApp cloud providers, and via a range of easy-to-deploy packages for new customers. More information is available at

“We’re constantly looking for ways to help OnApp cloud providers get a bigger return on their investment in cloud infrastructure – and our new service catalog features are another great example,” said OnApp CEO, Ditlev Bredahl.

“As a cloud service provider, you can differentiate from vanilla Infrastructure-as-a-Service by building a service catalog around your own expertise in applications and infrastructure. For enterprise cloud providers, it’s a way to provide a curated catalog of approved services for your users and departments to deploy – and in both scenarios, it’s a way to save time and money by automating service delivery, billing and chargeback,” he said.

The new version of OnApp also introduces Virtual Server Gateways, which enable cloud providers to offer private networks in their cloud that have secure public network access; auto-healing capabilities for OnApp Storage, the high-performance SAN built into the OnApp platform; new reporting capabilities for OnApp CDN; HTTPS support for OnApp Accelerator, the ‘one-click’ CDN solution for web applications hosted in OnApp clouds; and a range of improvements for customers running vCloud Director with OnApp as their front-end portal.

About OnApp
OnApp is a complete cloud management software platform for service providers and enterprises. The OnApp cloud platform enables hosts, telcos and other service providers to sell the complete range of Infrastructure-as-a-Service products, on multiple virtualization platforms, and add more scale and geographic reach on demand using the OnApp Federation – a global network of cloud and CDN infrastructure. For enterprises, OnApp provides a turnkey solution for on-premise private cloud, enabling IT departments to automate infrastructure management, reduce support costs, and simplify provisioning of IT resources to departments and users.

OnApp launched in July 2010. Today more than 3,500 companies in 93 countries run their cloud services on OnApp software. OnApp has 165 staff across the EU, U.S. and Asia-Pacific and is headquartered in London, UK.