What’s new in OnApp v5.3?

Raymond Paxton

Raymond Paxton
Director of Product Strategy

I’m excited to announce the availability of OnApp v5.3! We’ve been very busy… this will be our third “Latest Release” in four months, and during this time we’ve introduced many new features to the OnApp cloud platform – from OVA importing and Container Servers, to new CDN reporting tools and new operating systems support.

With this release we’re proud to add many new features that will help your business grow by offering new services – many of which have been developed as result of specific requests from our customers.

We’ve also rounded out a number of existing features with small but significant new capabilities – and added some new automation features to make it easier to manage your cloud environment.  Let’s go over each of the key features that you can enjoy in this release.

Service Add-Ons

Service Add-Ons enable you to offer your customers or users a range of additional services on top of your current IaaS Virtual Server offerings – for example, managed services, software installations, and installing components not currently integrated into OnApp.

In this release we’re introducing the first use case for service add-ons, which allows you to offer application services. This allows you to sell applications (e.g. a security app) to your customers and have that service show up in OnApp as part of a customer’s bill. You can also use service add-ons for tagging a virtual server with additional charges, such as a managed service.

Assigning service add-ons to virtual servers, in OnApp v5.3

Virtual Server as a Gateway:

OnApp v5.3 introduces the ability to use a virtual server as a gateway in your OnApp cloud – so you can create a private network for a customer that can then have a gateway virtual machine connected to a public network. This has been a highly requested feature from many customers: This provides new networking options for your customers, and has been a highly requested feature. Using VS gateways your customers can deploy firewalls, load balancers and even VPN machines in front of private networks, with secure access to the outside world.

Virtual Server Gateways in OnApp v5.3


Improved Change Tracking:

OnApp v5.3 now makes it easy to see what has been changed in specific transactions, from within the OnApp user interface – which improves auditing capabilities both for you, and your clients. Now, inside a transaction such as “resize virtual server,” OnApp will show what the configuration of the virtual server was prior to the change, and the configuration after that change. As well as auditing this also simplifies certain admin tasks – for example, you can now easily see when firewall rules have changed for a virtual server, which helps identify when rule changes result in blocking traffic to that server.

vCloud Director Improvements:

For service providers using vCloud Director, we now offer the ability for your customers to upload their own ISO files. Inside a customer catalog they can upload an ISO and attach it to any of their vCloud Director virtual servers. We have also updated the recompose wizard to provide a rich set of capabilities during deployment, from setting the virtual server resource information and configuring the guest customization option, to adding recipes to customize VMs during deployment. There’s also a slick new confirmation screen at the end of the process, explaining what configuration for each machine inside a vApp will be, after it is deployed.

Recompose a vApp - OnApp v5.3

OnApp Storage Auto Healing:

Plenty of customers have asked for us to automate the disk repair process for OnApp Storage, the software-defined storage solution built into the OnApp platform – which can be especially important after rebooting hypervisors. You can choose whether this feature is enabled on a per-datastore basis. If enabled, the system will provide notifications if there are degraded disks, automatically repair them and update you with a status message when it’s finished.

RDNS Support:

This is another feature that’s been high on the wish lists of many customers – to allow for the creation of PTR records in the DNS management section of the OnApp control panel. With v5.3, service providers and their clients can add PTR records as they would for AA or CNAME records, to have them published through our Anycast DNS system.

Federation Cloud Certifications:

You can now see certifications for each zone in the OnApp Federation marketplace – so it’s easy to look for zones with the characteristics you or your customers need, such as ISO 27001, or HIPAA compliance.

OnApp v5.3 - choose federated cloud zones based on available certifications

HTTPS for Accelerator:

OnApp Accelerator is our unique one-click CDN feature for web applications hosted in OnApp clouds – and it now supports one-click acceleration of HTTPS content, too. Now HTTP and HTTPS content can be accelerated automatically over our global CDN – the world’s largest content delivery network – without you, or your client, needing any technical knowledge of CDN whatsoever. This new feature works in combination with Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates.

Advanced CDN Reporting:

OnApp v5.3 adds new reports for OnApp CDN, too. There are new reports for cache statistics, status codes and bandwidth statistics, and a new overview page which summarizes reporting data on a single screen.


Enhanced CDN reporting in OnApp v5.3


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