What’s new in OnApp v5.5?

We’re pleased to announce that the latest version of OnApp  – v5.5 – is now available.

OnApp v5.5 consolidates and improves on the huge amount of development work we’ve been doing since OnApp v5.0 – and with it comes a new release cycle for OnApp software.




What’s new in v5.5?

As well as many, many fixes and improvements, OnApp v5.5 introduces new service add-on capabilities, and a new Service Insertion Framework that makes it easy to bring third party SaaS products into your OnApp UI with single sign-on.

OnApp for vCenterv5.5 also adds new transaction approval functions to improve cloud governance – especially important for private cloud customers. Not only that… with OnApp v5.5 we’re bringing OnApp vCenter support into public beta.

You can read more about what’s new over at We’ll be posting a range of how-to guides and use case examples for the new features, here at the blog, over the coming weeks.

New release cycle

We’re changing the way we categorize product updates to make it easier for customers to choose between production-ready releases, and releases with ‘bleeding edge’ functionality. There are now three types of OnApp software release: Long Term Support, Stable, and Edge releases.

Edge releases will appear every 4-6 weeks or so. They will typically introduce new features, features with known limitations, or features still in beta. Customers are welcome to upgrade to Edge releases, but should be aware that new functionality will not be production-ready. Edge releases will only be supported until the next Edge release.

Stable releases will appear every six months or so. They will provide a robust, production-ready feature set that incorporates the functionality of previous Edge releases. A Stable release may include beta functionality, but that functionality will always be clearly marked as beta. Stable releases will be supported until the next Stable release, or the next Long Term Support release (whichever comes first).

Long Term Support releases – are the most stable and best supported versions of OnApp software. Long Term Support releases have major version numbers (the most recent is OnApp v5.0 – the next will be OnApp v6.0). They are released every 18-24 months, and will be supported for at least two years.

Release cycle FAQs

Which release should I use?
As a general rule:

  • Edge releases should only be used in a lab or development environment
  • Stable releases will suit small- to mid-sized production environments
  • Long Term Support (LTS) releases are ideal for enterprise clouds, large service providers and telcos, and large production cloud environments in general

You should also consider whether you depend on the following before deciding to upgrade:

  • WHMCS integration, our PHP wrapper or mobile app: Edge releases are not suitable.
  • HA control panel: Edge releases are not suitable. Stable releases may meet your needs; LTS releases are recommended.

If in doubt, please contact your account manager or OnApp support before upgrading.

What upgrade paths are available between releases?
You can upgrade from:

  • An Edge release to the next Edge release
  • The last Edge release to the next Stable release or LTS release (whichever comes next)
  • A Stable release to next Stable release or Edge release
  • The last Stable release to the next LTS release
  • A LTS release to the next LTS release


Get started with OnApp v5.5

OnApp v5.5 is a “stable” release. To upgrade your cloud to OnApp v5.5, or get a demo of the new features… head to

If you’d like to know more about the new release cycle, ask your account manager or contact support. Thanks!