Use OnApp’s cloud template library to save time and money!

Jim Freeman

Jim Freeman
Senior Cloud Architect

Now that cloud has matured, and become the default way to run a wide range of application workloads, many of the features that used to distinguish one cloud platform from another are pretty much standard for everyone these days.

So does that mean all cloud platforms the same, across the board? No! So what we’re going to talk about today is OnApp’s template library – one of the unique features of OnApp, and one of the many ways we save engineers lots of time, effort and hassle.

As an engineer, I’ve lost count of the numerous hours spent building virtual machine templates based on specific operating systems, appliances and applications over the years. One great advantage of using OnApp is having access to more than 500 pre-built OS templates, appliances and applications that can be downloaded and used in your own OnApp cloud in just a couple of clicks.

OnApp template library - available templates

OnApp has templates for all of the popular operating systems out there, containing Windows, Linux and BSD templates. Some templates just include a base version of the operating system; some include popular software such as LAMP stacks, or popular hosting panels such as Plesk or cPanel. We also have some popular appliances such as pFsense firewall, which works great with OnApp’s VS as a gateway feature that was released in OnApp v5.3.

It’s super-easy to get your hands on OnApp’s template library: it’s just an integrated part of OnApp’s ‘single pane of glass’ user interface. Open the “Templates” section on your sidebar inside OnApp, and click on the “Template List”, and you’ll see all the OnApp templates that you currently have installed. Clicking on the “System Templates” tab and then on the “Available” button will show all templates that are available for download on your cloud.

OnApp template library search

From here you can  filter by the search box, based on the operating system type, virtualization or system architecture. Once you have found the templates you desire, you can start the download of the templates automatically by clicking the “+” sign. This will download the template to your backup server, test the checksum, distribute the templates as appropriate and clean up any erroneous files.

Customizing OnApp templates

But can you customize your own templates? Yes, of course! You can customize these templates and add your own applications, or own management utilities to them. It’s easy: create a virtual server from one of our templates, customize it as per your requirements and then simply take a backup of your virtual server. Once the backup has completed, you can convert the backup to a template and then present this template to your end users, so they can use it to build their own virtual servers.

OnApp template - create template


Thanks – feel free to get in contact with your account manager, or OnApp Support, if you have any questions about our template library, or creating your own!