CloudFest 2018 – Day 1 – meet OnApp with Intel & Hammer

Terry Myers, OnApp

Terry Myers
Business Development

This week the OnApp team is at CloudFest at the Europa Park, in Rust, Germany. This is the first year of the show’s new CloudFest identity, having enjoyed years of success as the World Hosting Days conference.

It’s not just the name that has changed though – the audience too has changed, from having primarily a hosting focus, to a broader hardware and datacenter infrastructure focus.

The speeches have reflected this shift, as well, starting with the opening session from Intel’s Das Kamhout, who went over the evolution of the datacenter and ever-increasing workload density.

Das’ speech was particularly interesting, addressing the rapid growth of AI workloads in datacenters — and how AI use will become absolutely necessary for datacenters as the flow of data will simply become too much for humans to monitor.

Meet the OnApp team!

You’ll be able to find OnApp team members throughout the conference, and on the Intel & Hammer booth during the day tomorrow – ready to consult with you on how to build your perfect cloud infrastructure.

It was great seeing our customers again, and hearing the ways their business has grown and changed over the past year.

I look forward to seeing more of our customers throughout the day tomorrow, and in our CAB session!