Datacenter opportunities & private cloud – Intel Partner Connect USA

Garth Flint, OnApp

Garth Flint
Customer Success Director

This week the OnApp team has been at Intel Partner Connect – a fantastic place to catch up with Intel partners and hear their experiences first hand, as well as hearing the latest news from Intel.

This year, Intel has been clear about their focus to transform from a PC company to a datacenter company, investing in support, programs, training, and products like the OnApp’s Private Cloud.

Shannon Poulin, (VP Sales & Marketing and General Manager of Partners a Intel) started this year’s partner meet by talking about the investment Intel has put into their programs and products, and helping partners develop new revenue streams solving customer problems in the datacenter.


We heard several real-world examples from Intel Partners who captured new business and made 2017 a groundbreaking year in profitability by selling these new products. After the opening Keynote speech, this message remained consistent in almost every session. Additional business areas such as IOT and the logistics of data collection in industrial and transportation verticals supplement Intel’s plans for 2018 and beyond, but the clear focus is on datacenter business.

More success testimonials from leading partners were heard on day two, and our second session with Intel on the balance of Hybrid clouds was even more heavily attended than the previous day’s. Striking the right balance for workloads is a tricky job for Enterprises today – is it best to be on-premises or off? How do we balance the benefits of public managed cloud vs ownership – and what pitfalls await in either category?

The OnApp team has been working with Intel on several areas of this agenda. We presented twice at the event, during the “Accelerating Hybrid Cloud and Driving Digital Transformation” sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday.

We were there to talk about the OnApp-Intel private cloud solution, that offers the benefits of the public cloud, but with the ability to retain ownership and keep your workloads behind your own firewall. This resonated well with those who are concerned about sensitive data and workloads that are under compliance regulations.

It was a great event and we very much appreciated our airtime talking with Intel, and discussing how to address these issues with attendees. We look forward to connecting with more of you at the next Intel Partner Connect event – April 10th in Singapore.

In the meantime, here’s where you can read more about OnApp private cloud solutions. Thanks!