What’s your focus, MSPs – friction or features?

Tim Meredith, OnApp

Tim Meredith
VP Product

MSPs: what can you do to stop revenue falling – is there a simple answer?

Actually, the answer is simplicity.

Pricing matters, of course, but it’s not usually the primary driver for customers being tempted elsewhere.┬áMany races to the bottom have begun under that misguided principle.

Smart businesses think about friction first.

How long does it take, and how difficult is it to make sales, deliver quality experiences, operate and accelerate change in business? While the answer to these questions can provide an input to TCO calculations, they also influence customer love and therefore revenue growth.

Are you making things as simple as they can be? Pricing, L2C and BSS can all be complicated in the unrealistic pursuit of Total Feature Coverage (TFC). To avoid this, we need to consider our purpose – why are we here?

Your mission statement probably says something about providing great service or customer experience, but are you really considering the customer?

Total Feature Coverage happens when a business assumes that every problem has:

  • Equal value to a customer
  • Equal effort to implement a solution
  • Or both

A constant battle ensues to make a product or service satisfy all use cases, and every variation in different customer environments. For many people it seems logical: if we do everything, then everyone will want it… build it and they will come!

Of course, there is always a minimum feature-set needed to compete in a chosen market, but by trying to meet every variation of every potential use case, products fail in that most important, primal and emotional element in a customer’s hands – the experience.

Features or friction. What will your focus be this year?