CloudFest 2018 – time for a fresh approach

Tim Meredith, OnApp

Tim Meredith
VP Product & Marketing

Industry events are often a bit predictable; same old suppliers, same old faces, same old stands.

These aren’t judgements I would make of CloudFest 2018.

This was evidenced by a freshness around the event that’s clearly driven by an industry in a state of rapid evolution. We know the industry is feeling the effects of this transformation – good and bad – so we decided to take fresh approach ourselves this year.

CloudFest 2018 - Intel

CloudFest 2018 – OnApp and Intel.

Rather than running a stand at the show, this year we focused 100% on spending  quality time with our customers.

Through a series of 1:1 and round table meetings we worked together to understand how their business models are changing, and how together we can succeed in an increasingly competitive market. I’m glad to say this approach was a great success – our customers came with some amazing insights and we shared many ideas of how we can grow the market together, in partnership.

We also supported Intel on their stand by providing demonstrations of how our software and partnership is making customers even more successful with cloud. This is a great example of how partnerships between software, hardware and service businesses are going to drive success across all our markets.

OnApp Customer Advisory Board - CloudFest 2018

OnApp Customer Advisory Board – breakout session – CloudFest 2018

Our Customer Advisory Board also had a fresh feel this year, with a mix of live demos, presentations and thought-provoking discussion. I’m pleased to say that we came away with some really useful feedback on what our customers love about OnApp, as well as areas where we can make experience even better.

It’s only through understanding our customers’ experience and the needs of their own customers that we can continue to provide a software service that is not only simple and frictionless, but also creates a successful growth platform in challenging market conditions.

If you’re interesting in hearing more about how OnApp is helping partners compete and grow in the cloud market, please get in touch.