New ‘advanced escalation’ support process for OnApp Certified Administrators

Did you know? More and more OnApp customers are getting at least one of their staff officially certified for OnApp, through our OnApp Certified Administrator (OCA) course – and now, your OnApp Certified Administrators can use our new ‘advanced escalation’ process to submit support tickets directly to OnApp L2 support, instead of first having to go through L1.

Having OnApp-certified staff on your team is beneficial for all kinds of reasons. It means you have a local resource who understands your business, your infrastructure, and your OnApp cloud – helping you better manage your cloud, plan for hardware changes, deploy new clouds and get the most from OnApp’s extensive set of cloud management features.

Completing¬† OCA training brings your staff up to the level of our own L1 support techs, which makes it likely that you can solve minor problems and answer questions about configuring and using OnApp, without having to submit a support ticket.¬†If there’s a problem your OCA can’t solve, or they need help with their troubleshooting, they can now submit tickets directly to our L2 support team, with escalation to L3 support.

Using this advanced escalation process is very straightforward.

  • Tickets must be submitted from a user account in our Help Center, or an email address linked to an OnApp Certified Admin
  • Your tickets must include a full description of the issue being addressed with OnApp support, including:
    • A link to the cloud UI being discussed
    • What troubleshooting steps have been taken on the issue
    • Steps needed to recreate the situation for troubleshooting
    • When specific elements of the UI are being discussed, links to the specific UI element

That’s it! Obviously, tickets submitted from users that have not passed the OnApp certification cannot use this advanced escalation process – instead you’ll submit tickets to L1 support in the normal way. It’s also worth mentioning that tickets from a group account (e.g. will not be allowed to use advanced escalation, either – we’ll need tickets to come from an OCA’s own email address.

What does the OCA course involve?

The OCA course gives your team a deeper understanding of OnApp in these areas:

  • OnApp cloud architecture, resource planning and deployment
  • OnApp networking, storage, backups & billing
  • Bare Metal and Smart Servers in OnApp
  • Managing users and billing plans
  • VM autoscaling & load balancing
  • VM security (firewall, anti-spoofing mechanisms)
  • Creating templates from existing VMs
  • Scheduling OnApp Database Backups

You can learn more about OnApp certification, and register for a course, at our OnApp training & certification page. Thanks!