How to encrypt virtual server passwords in OnApp clouds

Dan McCay

Dan McCay
Cloud Architecture Specialist

Here’s a quick guide to enabling password encryption for virtual servers in OnApp clouds.

In the OnApp UI, a user can click to the properties page for one of their own virtual servers, and click to reveal the password for their own virtual server’s super-user account (root / administrator):


Of course, if you have users with specific permissions to see virtual servers that are not their own – such as users with the Administrator role – they will be able to reveal other users’ passwords in the same way. That may not be desirable if your company’s security policy requires tight control over the sharing of system passwords.

In that case, you’ll probably want to make use of OnApp’s password encryption feature. This option can be enabled in OnApp’s Settings > Configuration menu:



Once enabled, new options will appear when users build virtual servers. At the second step of the Build Virtual Server wizard, there will now be options to encrypt their password, and to set an encryption passphrase:


After the virtual server has been provisioned, any user wishing to reveal the super-user password will be required to enter the encryption passphrase:



That’s it! For more information about security in your OnApp cloud, ask your account manager or contact OnApp support. Thanks!