OnApp for vCenter – the new Beta release!

Jim Freeman

Jim Freeman
Director, Presales & Architecture

While many of you will know about OnApp’s vCloud Director integration, since our partnership with VMware in 2016, we’ve actually had integration with native vCenter since 2012.

Over the past year, we have been re-developing and improving this vCenter functionality, and today I’m pleased to announce that we are ready to officially open phase 2 of our vCenter beta / tech preview program!




Turn vCenter into a self-service cloud

The main goal of our vCenter integration is to enable service providers who do not want to use vCloud Director, to also offer VMware products and services to their end users.

Using OnApp + vCenter gives you and your users access to a fully customizable interface, with full self-service capabilities. It supports not only multiple clusters within vCenter, but multiple vCenters too – allowing you to present a single pane of class to your end users, so they can manage all of their environments around the world from one interface.

Extend vCenter with new services

You also get access to OnApp’s existing functionality, such as service add-ons: allowing you to extend your cloud beyond pure infrastructure by offering additional services, governance and approval workflows, with full auditing and RBAC. And you can extend your cloud offering with XEN, KVM, vCloud Director and CDN services as well.

Replace Chargeback Manager

Last, but definitely not least, the most popular and requested feature is being able to use OnApp’s comprehensive metering and billing functionality with vCenter – allowing you to replace Chargeback Manager, and use OnApp to charge your customers based on your own billing models.

Get started!

Sounds good? Want to get involved? Head to for demos and more information – or, for existing customers, drop a line to your account manager.