On Demand: a revolutionary approach to Telecoms cloud

Calling all Telecoms sales and product managers: how many of these statements apply to you?

  • There’s constant pressure from the board for exciting new products
  • It’s getting harder to upsell existing network and comms customers
  • We don’t have the capital, IT resources or time to build new propositions
  • We need to get something to market, now!

The answer is…

The answer is cloud. While network connectivity is more important than ever, it isn’t where your customers focus. They focus on applications that simplify and streamline business processes, and those applications live in the cloud.

Telcos without a cloud proposition are at risk of falling behind. This is the problem that On Demand helps you solve.

What is OnApp On Demand?

OnApp On Demand is a revolutionary way for Telcos to take new cloud products to market. It’s a white label cloud platform, including hardware and software, that we provide as a fully managed service.

In 72 hours, you can have a ready-to-sell production cloud. It’s an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-consume cloud solution that doesn’t tie you in to a long-term contract: there is just simple month-to-month billing.

Removing cost and complexity

This managed cloud approach has been designed to fast-track Telcos (and large MSPs) to providing cloud services that are simple and profitable.

  • You don’t have to build a cloud architecture practice
  • Your cloud project doesn’t depend on IT availability, or hiring new engineering resources
  • You don’t need to invest capital in infrastructure
  • You don’t need to commit to a long-term contract

It’s an almost instant way to create a compelling new cloud proposition to offer your customers. The software layer is OnApp Cloud – the leading cloud management platform for service providers. The hardware is provided by our best-of-breed infrastructure partners, including AWS  and Hyve.

Introducing technical and commercial flexibility

On Demand is a white label managed service that puts you in control of cloud pricing and margins. It’s a much more profitable alternative to reselling cloud from one of the hyperscale providers, and you can use your On Demand cloud to offer a wide range of public, private and hybrid cloud services – either as standalone Infrastructure-as-a-Service, or combined with other products in your portfolio.

On Demand also brings unique technical flexibility, through something we call workload fluidity. That’s because you’re not constrained by your initial choice of hardware infrastructure or location; you can migrate customer workloads between different clouds in a couple of clicks – and that’s a crucial capability to support your customers as their needs change, as they grow and expand into new regions, and as you yourself grow your cloud.

We’d love to help make your cloud a success

If you’d like to know more, get in touch for a chat with our On Demand specialists. Thanks!