Top barriers to cloud for service providers – and how to overcome them

At OnApp we’ve been selling cloud solutions for nearly a decade. We’ve deployed thousands of clouds in this time. In fact, market estimates show we power more than ⅓ of public clouds available today.

We’ve had great success helping clients build clouds when they have existing hardware, and the capability to manage their own cloud infrastructure.

That’s just a portion of the market, though. There are many service providers who don’t have the capital to purchase hardware, or the skill set to manage a cloud on their own; and others with appetite for cloud but no wish to tie themselves into something long-term – at least, until they have proven their cloud proposition.


What stops service providers building their own cloud?

I thought I’d take the unusual step of sharing some real “closed lost” headlines from our own Salesforce instance…

… and as you can see, the same issues of hardware availability, skills availability and commitment come up again and again.

Finally, there’s a solution: OnApp On Demand

OnApp On Demand is a new cloud solution from OnApp designed to alleviate the stress of deploying a cloud for service providers.

OnApp On Demand overviewOur team handles the entire infrastructure deployment – using battle tested hardware configurations, providing the best in performance and reliability. Our cloud engineers then monitor your cloud 24×7, and we handle all the platform maintenance. Finally, we’re providing this entirely on a month-to-month basis. No long-term commitments or CAPEX required.

Not sure you should be selling cloud? In my last post I went over how more and more applications are ‘living in the cloud.’ What’s happening to those telecoms providers who aren’t selling cloud? They’re falling behind, as this PWC report shows: growth rate for legacy services is slowing, and margins are being eroded.


A ready-to-sell turnkey cloud

OnApp On Demand has been designed to address the difficulties in deploying cloud services. In our near 10 years of experience selling cloud solutions to service providers, we’ve found there are a few key obstacles that product managers and engineering teams run into.

  • Deploying a cloud takes a long time, and managing one isn’t easy either
  • Reconfiguring my datacenter is going to take significant CAPEX
  • I need to hire a whole new team to manage the infrastructure & software stack

Lets go over how On Demand helps solve these problems.

“Deploying a cloud takes a long time, and managing one isn’t easy either”
Deploying a cloud on your own isn’t an easy task. There are several options – open source, or commercial? Containers or virtual machines? Which virtualization to use? All of these of course rely on your use case. Once you answer those questions (and the several more that will come up), you then you need to successfully deploy your cloud platform. Which you might think is the easy part. It’s just installing a simple software stack, right?

That’s not always the case. In this blog post, Packet explains Why We Threw 4 Months of Work in the Trash; or How we Failed at OpenStack – because of inaccurate, out-of-date documentation, incompatible hardware, and significant development requirements – like needing a developer dedicated to each OpenStack component!

Why waste 4 months when you can have a cloud deployed in 72 hours?

“Reconfiguring my datacenter is going to take significant CAPEX”
Let’s be honest – every datacenter still has a legacy Cisco 4948 series switch hiding in a dark corner somewhere. Trusty old dogs as they are, in today’s world you need greater performance than the 1000 Mbps limit they offer. Re-configuring an existing datacenter can be a monumental task. When talking to one client, they said they’d rather burn the whole thing down than have to go through an update.

Dramatic, but understandable when you consider the hardware upgrades aren’t the only thing you need to plan for. Re-configuring a datacenter with modern architecture doesn’t require just your time. You also need to plan a maintenance schedule for the legacy workloads – and that’s only after ensuring they’ll continue to work with the new infrastructure.

To get your datacenter up to snuff for 2019’s cloud standards, you’d need to accomplish:

  • Upgrading your internal networking equipment
  • Locate impacted legacy workloads by the required networking upgrades and ensure continued compatibility
  • Schedule planned maintenance periods to upgrade the legacy infrastructure
  • Arrange hardware vendors and test required infrastructure for the cloud environment
  • Get the budget spend approved by finance, and potentially arrange financing, if necessary
  • Finally deploy the hardware, only to go through the same steps in a few years when your cloud needs grow

With OnApp On Demand, you’re given all the infrastructure required to build a cloud solution for your customers. And you can grow your cloud as needed.

“I need to hire a whole new team to manage the infrastructure & software stack”
A cloud doesn’t run itself, unfortunately. A team is required to maintain your datacenter infrastructure, and the software platform underneath your cloud. Even in the most simplistic deployment, you would need to hire a single datacenter engineer to maintain your cloud, then a single developer to maintain your software platform.

As well as factoring in the employee’s salary, and total compensation costs, you also need to consider the hidden costs: recruitment fees, employee onboarding and equipment required (Laptop/Cellular Phone). And of course you need 24×7 coverage, so multiply those people by a factor of at least two or three.

With OnApp On Demand, we take care of the infrastructure for you. Each OnApp On Demand cloud is deployed and managed by our cloud engineering team, and monitored 24×7 to ensure proper function. We’re so confident in On Demand, we back it with a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

So you’re telling me On Demand addresses all these problems?

We’ve taken a hard look at what it takes to deploy a cloud and have taken steps to alleviate every pain point we can. With On Demand, you’re getting the following:

  • All the infrastructure required to create a cloud
  • OnApp cloud platform license, for your On Demand cloud
  • A 72 hour deployment guarantee
  • Ongoing cloud platform management – we’ll ensure it works, and continues to work
  • 24×7 monitoring on your cloud, API & virtual machines (if required)
  • An industry leading SLA, including:
    • 100% network & power uptime guarantee
    • 99.999% API & cloud uptime
    • 15 minute first response guarantee
  • Availability on a month-to-month basis – no long term commitments!

If your plans for 2019 include launching a cloud service for your Telco, let the cloud experts at OnApp save you from the hard work. You focus on selling, we’ll handle the rest.

Ready to speak with a member of the OnApp team? We’d love to talk.