How do you combine multiple infrastructure providers and locations in one cloud?

Today, I want to talk about our unique approach to multi-cloud management and multi-provider cloud, with OnApp On Demand – and how it benefits you as a service provider.

One of the unique advantages OnApp On Demand offers over other cloud solutions is the ability to attach multiple compute locations, and infrastructure providers, to a single OnApp control panel. This provides a true single pane of glass for all your cloud infrastructure, something you just can’t get from the current crop of “multi-cloud management” vendors.

Through one control panel you can not only see your cloud assets, across multiple locations and providers; you can manage provisioning and migration across all of them too.

Three reasons you need multi-provider/multi-location cloud

This combination of multi-cloud visibility and management, with our fully-managed On Demand cloud service, gives you a white-glove, cloud-in-a-box solution that helps you meet three of the most important important requirements your customers have today. Let’s look at each of them in a little more detail.

1. Cloud compliance – data localization

In many circumstances a client may require their applications be hosted in a certain region due to data localization requirements. Even if their local government does not have a relevant data localization law, they may still have contractual obligations requiring the data to be hosted in a specific region.

With On Demand, you can deploy client workloads at more than 70 locations – from multiple hyperscale infrastructure providers – and manage them all through one control panel.

OnApp cloud On Demand cloud locations

With OnApp On Demand, you can provision customer workloads at 70 locations worldwide

2. Cloud performance – edge computing

Even dating back to the early 2000s – when shared hosting was still king – clients looked to utilize vendors offering services closest to their location, in order to minimize latency. Since the rise of virtualization, clients have looked to take their workloads to the edge – and as a result, closer to the location where the data is needed. With edge computing, clients may have certain location requirements to maximize the performance of their applications. Some example use cases are:

  • Real time monitoring platforms
  • Industrial automation
  • Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)
  • Immersive retail environments

Again, the infrastructure choice afforded by OnApp On Demand gives you the flexibility to meet different customer performance requirements, deploying applications where they are needed – not just where you happen to have a datacenter.


3. Cloud migration – workload fluidity

With most multi-cloud platforms, you might get visibility into your workloads, and the ability to see pricing information. However, in most instances your workloads remain isolated in silos, with a complete lack of portability. We’ve taken a different approach.

With On Demand, you have full fluidity of your workloads because your cloud runs on OnApp at each location, and each provider. That means you have data coherence at each location and provider – it’s not just a simple API level of multi-cloud management. As a result, you can easily migrate workloads from location to location, or from provider to provider. You’re not locked into any one location or infrastructure provider.

OnApp On Demand cloud migration

Migrate workloads on demand between locations and providers, thanks to OnApp’s data-centric approach to multi-cloud management


With On Demand, you could quickly – and automatically – migrate your workload from the United States to Australia, for example, with just the click of a button. OnApp handles the entire migration process for you, giving you true workload fluidity.

Why is that important? This level of fluidity means you’re giving your clients the ability to run their workloads where they work best. When they need different price options, or performance options, or they have new data localization requirements, you can easily respond and manage everything from one place. This fluidity gives you the ultimate commercial flexibility in how you design and deliver cloud services – and means you can handle a wide range of customer requirements, without having to manage the complexity of multiple cloud platforms.

On Demand empowers you to sell more, faster and easier

With OnApp, you’re no longer forced to choose a single platform, or provider. Instead you’re given the freedom to choose the right solution for each specific workload, enabling you to win more business – without needing to commit limited CAPEX to building out your own infrastructure, or spending time and money upskilling your employees. We take care of all that for you, with flexible month to month pricing plans, and fully managed cloud services.

Are you ready to grow your cloud business? Contact OnApp to learn more about OnApp On Demand.