Cloud on demand with OnApp. What do we support? Everything!

OnApp’s new On Demand cloud service gives you a fully managed, white label cloud platform that’s ready to take to market. But how does this benefit you, and what does the managed service include?

Today, we’ll go over the services OnApp manages for you, and how it makes day-to-day life easier for you as a cloud service provider.

What is OnApp On Demand?

On Demand makes it easy to take cloud services to market without CAPEX or upskilling on the engineering and development front. Why? Because when you deploy a cloud, the work doesn’t stop once the servers are racked, and the networking is set up.

There’s still a whole cloud platform to manage, and for some organizations, that can be the most difficult part. The management of the platform can include any software upgrades, API interface changes, troubleshooting issues and debugging. Certainly not an easy task, unless you’re equipped with a team of programmers and engineers ready to jump at any issue.

Managed cloud deployment

With OnApp On Demand, you do have a team of programmers and engineers at your disposal. OnApp On Demand is a fully managed service, with the OnApp engineering team deploying and proactively managing your cloud.

Our team ensures that you’ll have a 72 hour deployment time, with a cloud delivered to your specifications. Upon deployment, the OnApp engineering team will:

  • Install and configure the OnApp cloud management platform using our best practices
  • Add any of the supported operating system templates you require to the cloud
  • Setup any pre-requested virtual servers, with the specifications required
  • Create any users and role sets required for access to your cloud
  • Add any required branding to the OnApp control panel

Proactive cloud monitoring

Once your cloud has been deployed, and you’re actively selling, you’re still in safe hands. The OnApp cloud engineering team will continue to monitor and proactively manage your cloud, ensuring a quality cloud hosting experience for your customers. The OnApp team…

  • Ensures the OnApp control panel & API remains functional
  • Ensures failover capability, and high availability of virtual servers
  • Ensures the ability to launch new virtual servers
  • Ensures the ability to backup your virtual servers
  • Manages your OnApp integrated (software-defined) storage system
  • Handles ongoing OnApp software upgrades, when required
  • Takes care of any updates required to the virtualization engine
  • Handles software updates or modifications required for the control panel or compute nodes

Cloud infrastructure management

With On Demand, we don’t just manage the cloud platform: we manage the whole infrastructure for you. This includes any upgrades or downgrades, or hardware replacements. Plus, it isn’t just a complete cloud that be deployed on demand – we can also add compute nodes to your cloud at any time, with a 72 hour deployment.

This makes it easy to handle large bursts of traffic with no long term commitments. The OnApp team will manage the infrastructure:

  • Add or remove compute nodes as required
  • Add backup storage space as required
  • Replace any hardware failures in 6 hours

OnApp On Demand makes cloud easy

At OnApp, our goal is to support you through every step of your cloud journey. With OnApp On Demand, we want to take the stress off you, so no longer need to worry about training technicians to troubleshoot late night downed servers. This means you can spend more time recruiting new prospects and winning more deals – the important parts of growing your business.

You can find the full On Demand support policy at If you’d like to know more about cloud on demand with OnApp, just get in touch – we’re standing by to get you selling cloud!