Dell and OnApp

Instant cloud appliances for service providers


Dell and OnApp cloud appliances give you unbeatable time-to-market for public, private and hybrid cloud services.

You get the OnApp cloud management platform, fully tested, certified and factory-installed on the latest Dell cloud infrastructure… and delivered direct to your datacenter, at unbeatable prices.

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Dell Cloud Infrastructure

Each cloud appliance uses ultra-reliable, high performance Dell servers and switches as the backbone of your cloud – fully tested and certified for OnApp. Choose from cloud appliances for smaller and larger clouds, or customize your own.
With fully racked options available too, you can just add power, connect to your network and start selling cloud.

Instand cloud appliances with Dell Servers and OnApp Cloud Platform

OnApp Cloud Platform

Each cloud appliance is pre-installed with the latest version of OnApp. OnApp gives you a host of different ways to monetize your Dell infrastructure, by selling public, private and hybrid cloud, bare metal hosting, SaaS, PaaS, CDN, Disaster Recovery and more. Whatever the workload – and wherever your customers want it hosted – you can run it on OnApp.

OnApp Dell Control Panel - Instant cloud appliances for service providers
  • Proven by thousands of providers
  • Full service automation via one UI
  • Xen, KVM, VMware and EC2 support
  • Public, private & hybrid cloud
  • Bare metal, SaaS/PaaS hosting
  • Container Servers (Docker management)
  • CDN, backup and DR

Choose your cloud appliances

 OnApp Cloud Platform 



OnApp units included* 200 custom

 Dell Cloud Infrastructure 

Control Panel: R630
32GB RAM, 2x300GB SAS, 2x10GB NIC, 2x1GB NIC
1 custom
Backup Server: R730XD
32GB RAM, 6x2TB HDD, 2x10GB NIC, 2x1GB NIC
1 custom
Hypervisors: R630 Dual Processor
128GB RAM, 1x400GB SSD, 3×1.2TB SAS,
2x 10GB NIC, 2 x 1GB NIC
8 custom
S4048 10GBe switch 2 custom
S3048 1GBe switch 1 custom

Included – 24×7 support for OnApp software. Dell Pro Support on all hardware.
Optional: cabling, racking, delivery services
*OnApp is licensed on a per unit per month basis. 1 unit – 1 physical CPU core on a hypervisor server, or 1 dedicated server.