Enterprise Cloud: the Turnkey Revolution


  • The cloud continuum
    • Virtualization
    • Private cloud
    • Hybrid cloud
  • The cloud confusion
    • Private cloud benefits
    • Hybrid cloud benefits
  • Why it’s time for revolution
  • Turnkey enterprise cloud

“The cloud” has transformed the way IT infrastructure is deployed, operated and consumed, as the astonishing growth of public cloud has confirmed. It’s convenient. It’s on demand. It’s what people want.

How, then, can businesses bring those public cloud benefits into their own datacenters?

The enterprise cloud solutions available on the market today are complex and expensive. They create unnecessary overheads for large enterprises, put the brakes on the agile operating model the cloud is supposed to enable, and put private cloud out of the reach of smaller businesses.

The market is ripe for a new approach… Get your free whitepaper to see how.

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