Farewell, inflexible infrastructure.

Fluidity helps your clients thrive in a multi-cloud world - and puts an end to lock-in.

Your customers depend on a wider range of IT infrastructure than ever before: private cloud, public cloud, hosted or on-premises cloud – even bare metal servers. The problem is the lack of interoperability, of fluidity between these silos of hardware.

This makes life difficult for Telcos, MSPs and clients alike. Unless you can easily move workloads to new locations, you can’t respond when your customer needs change: with technical or contractual lock-in to a specific type of infrastructure, it’s easier for clients to start again somewhere else than try to deal with that complexity.

Without workload fluidity, it’s also hard to ensure business continuity when disaster strikes – and unless you have a single way to manage cloud services across all types of infrastructure, it’s difficult to optimize utilization, too.

It’s time for a different approach.

OnApp’s approach to multi-cloud management solves these problems. Most multi-cloud management products provide a measure of visibility and control at the provider, usage and price level, but they just manage silos – they don’t enable fluidity. We’ve taken a bottom-up approach, with block-level control of data for individual workloads, and a consistent UI, API and management toolset for cloud service delivery anywhere.

With OnApp, you can easily deploy, replicate and migrate customer data wherever it needs to be – locally or remotely, in your infrastructure, in your client’s, or in hyperscale cloud infrastructure like AWS. It’s that fluidity than means you can help clients run workloads where they work best – and it’s that fluidity that gives you ultimate commercial flexibility in how you design and deliver cloud services.

The OnApp difference

1 Pane of Glass

OnApp gives you one view and one management UI for local,  remote and third party clouds.

1 click

Deploying workloads in your datacenters, your clients’ or in 3rd party clouds? It happens with one click.

< 1 second

Fluidity means you can replicate workloads in near-real-time for your clients – with amazing RPO and RTO.

72 hours

Cloud doesn’t have to be complex. Get a ready-to-sell hyperscale cloud in as little as  72 hours.