Remote Office / Branch Office Cloud

Simplify IT deployment and management across multiple sites

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Enterprise IT should be easy to deploy and manage – especially in branch offices and retail outlets, where you may not have the skills or physical space to deal with racks of compute, storage and network appliances. With OnApp, you can provide cost-effective IT to remote offices, using compact converged servers that are managed centrally, as part of a secure private cloud environment.

Turnkey branch IT

OnApp takes the complexity out of delivering and managing IT at remote locations. It’s a complete solution for Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) cloud that’s based on efficient, easy-to-scale Intel® Datacenter Blocks hardware.

Efficient virtualization for remote sites

OnApp software creates a secure private cloud environment across one or more sites, and includes a comprehensive suite of virtualization and private cloud management tools. OnApp’s virtualization technology builds on the open source XEN or KVM hypervisors – as used by AWS and Google – with our own battle-tested and hardened customizations to optimize performance, security and efficiency for your distributed private cloud.

Centralized management

Using OnApp’s intuitive control panel, you can centralize management and deployment of virtualized branch applications, network appliances, DHCP servers, DNS servers, file/ print/communication servers, and more.


Reduce cost & complexity

Low cost/high performance hardware with a time-saving intuitive GUI

Software Defined Storage

No need for a separate SAN

Automated provisioning

Automatically discover and deploy remote servers with OnApp CloudBoot

Flexible scaling

You choose the compute/ storage you need – match IT capacity to the needs of each location

Backup & replication

Automate incremental and snapshot backups, or replicate in real time to remote locations