OnApp Accelerator

Websites run faster in
OnApp clouds.

Accelerator boosts web performance up to 100%
for your customers, for free.*

OnApp Accelerator is a unique value-add for the large number of customers who want to host web applications in your cloud. Accelerator optimizes web content and distributes it to our global CDN, automatically and free of charge* – giving your customers up to a 100% speed improvement, with no effort whatsoever.

OnApp Accelerator gives your cloud customers the performance benefits of CDN without any configuration or website re-coding needed. It optimizes and automatically distributes web content to 20 CDN locations across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. The result? Your customers’ websites run up to twice as fast – with no effort from them,  or from you.

OnApp Accelerator - automatic CDN for cloud workloads

Product Features

Up to 100% performance boost

Web performance can be twice as fast for your customers’ website visitors. OnApp Accelerator reduces the number and size of the files they have to download, and further increases speed by making that content available from a datacenter near to them.

Differentiate on speed

Accelerator makes your cloud faster – and means your customers don’t need to pay for additional CDN services. You can’t get this anywhere else: only with OnApp clouds.

It’s totally free

We believe that everyone should have great web performance. Accelerator is a free feature of OnApp clouds: it’s included with OnApp Cloud v6.0 and above, and we pay for the CDN bandwidth*.

Speed, democratized

Yes, your clients can buy third party CDN services to achieve the same results – but there’s a reason only 6% of websites use a CDN. They’re expensive, and difficult to implement. With Accelerator, everyone can benefit from great web performance – deep pockets are not required.

Patented optimization technology

Accelerator automatically optimizes, minifies and publishes content to 20 locations on a CDN we manage on your behalf. It’s enabled by default in OnApp Cloud v6.0 or later – but can be disabled if your customers need to control where their content resides.

Help your customers sell more

Slow website performance creates a bad user experience – which increases bounce rate, detracts from SEO, raises shopping cart abandon rates and impacts return visits. Accelerator helps your customers deliver a better, faster experience to their users – so their websites are more successful.

Zero effort required

Accelerator delivers the same kind of performance boosts as a full-blown CDN – except, unlike CDN, your customers don’t have to make html changes to their site. No code changes, no DNS or CNAME changes… no configuration needed whatsoever.

We take care of it

Accelerator distributes your customers’ web content to 20 locations on the OnApp CDN Federation. We manage the CDN for you and absorb the bandwidth cost, subject to a fair usage policy. So you can sell more cloud.

*fair usage policy applies: OnApp reserves the right to disable acceleration should we feel this feature is being abused – first discussing any issue with the service provider concerned. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch. Thanks!

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