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170+ global PoPs, available on demand.

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While OnApp clouds automatically accelerate websites running on virtual machines, some customers have more complex content distribution needs. That’s when you need OnApp CDN.

It’s a complete CDN software stack that creates a CDN across your datacenters – a CDN you own and control. To add more locations and improve CDN coverage, OnApp CDN connects to our global CDN Federation, where there are hundreds of PoPs available on demand.

This federated approach offers many advantages for service providers over traditional CDNs. With access to a global network, you get extremely granular CDN coverage and a rich range of price and performance options to choose from. Because it’s an independent, wholesale network, you’re always in control: you choose the mix of locations, you set the pricing, you own the customer, and you get much better margins than you’d ever get reselling a traditional CDN.

A global CDN that connects to our global CDN federation

Product Features

A complete CDN software stack

OnApp CDN deploys on commodity x64 infrastructure, giving you an intuitive CDN control panel and whatever mix of caching servers, dynamic acceleration servers, storage servers, live streaming or Video on Demand servers you need.

Monetize your infrastructure

For Telcos and large MSPs with their own network of datacenters, OnApp lets you build and manage your own CDN – so you can monetize your infrastructure investments, and don’t have to depend on reselling third party CDNs at low margins.

Integrated CDN marketplace

OnApp CDN gives you access to our wholesale CDN marketplace, with edge servers available in hundreds of locations worldwide. You can use any location on demand, without commits, and use the marketplace to provide some or all of your CDN locations.

Build a global CDN without CAPEX

Our CDN marketplace makes it easy to provide the coverage your customers need without building infrastructure in each location – and easy to test new markets before investing in your own local PoP. You can sell spare capacity on the marketplace, too.

Flexible configuration

OnApp CDN supports push and pull for HTTP/HTTPS, plus streaming video and Video on Demand in a wide range of formats and protocols. With OnApp’s comprehensive user management and billing tools, it’s easy to create CDN services for different types of customer.

Suits many different use cases

OnApp lets you build CDNs for many different use cases, from website acceleration and software delivery to set-top box broadcasting.

Standalone or with your cloud

With OnApp, you have full control of your CDN deployment, pricing and packaging. You can sell private or public CDN, either as a standalone service, or as an integrated part of your OnApp cloud.

Sell adjacent services

Combining cloud and CDN provides new service options that add value to your customers, and help increase average revenue per user.

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