OnApp Federation: technical information

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The OnApp Federation is fully integrated with the OnApp Cloud management UI.

To use public Federation infrastructure, you simply search for locations with the price, performance and uptime you need, and subscribe to as many as you like. Federation locations become available as a zone in your cloud, alongside your local zones – and you can manage user access and billing just as you do for your local OnApp cloud infrastructure.

To set up private federations, there’s a trust token system that guarantees privacy across your own distributed clouds, and enables you to manage all of your infrastructure through a single UI.

To sell infrastructure on the Federation, you create a zone, set its wholesale pricing, and publish it to the Federation marketplace. After it has been approved, via a short assessment and benchmark, it is made available for other providers to buy – and you get paid when your infrastructure is consumed.

The OnApp Federation is fully integrated with the OnApp Cloud management UI.

Federation locations

The Federation offers full transparency into the infrastructure you use. We benchmark and monitor each location, and publish detailed metadata about uptime and performance to guide your choice of location. This includes detailed pricing, as well as CPU, storage and network performance.

Click a location to learn more about the provider and performance.  For more information, just get in touch.

Federation pricing

The compute infrastructure on the OnApp Federation is categorized into price/performance tiers, which provide performance and availability options for different workloads.

  • Dev tier: for non-critical workloads – failover and backup may be available, but are optional
  • Pro tier: for production environments – failover and backup are mandatory, and SSD storage is preferred
  • Enterprise tier: For high end use cases, providing all of what the Pro tier can offer plus the highest performance storage solution and a 100% network and compute resource uptime guarantee.
  • Private tier: contains only private locations you have access to via the Federation’s trust token/tunneling system. Pricing is also private.

Price calculator

Use the calculator to show typical wholesale prices for each tier. Choose a sample configuration to show prices for typical server sizes, or use the sliders to configure your own.