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The OnApp Platform sits on top of an existing VMware environment to provide a single UI for user and resource management, and faster delivery of IaaS services to your customers.

You can white label the UI and expose this to your customers for self-service. OnApp provides billing functionality for resource control and measuring all resources consumed.

OnApp deploys in a Master-Master relationship with vCloud Director. You can add multiple vCloud Director instances into a single OnApp server, and show multiple datacenters through a single OnApp UI.

OnApp imports and represents all vCD entities – Organizations, Users, Org vDCs, Org Networks, Edge Gateways, vApps and VMs – and enables everything to be controlled through the OnApp UI.

Hardware & software requirements

OnApp for vCloud Director requires the installation of OnApp Control Panel server software. This server can be physical or virtual. It requires a minimal install of CentOS 7 x64.

OnApp for vCloud Director requires the installation of OnApp Control Panel server software

OnApp Control Panel Server

Minimum Recommended
Processor 4 cores 8 cores
Memory 16GB 32GB
Disk 100GB 250GB
Network Adapters 1Gbps 1Gbps
Operating System CentOS 7 x64 CentOS 7 x64


VMware software requirements

OnApp for vCloud Director integrates with the following versions:

  • VMware vCloud Director 8.2
  • VMware vCloud Director 9.0
  • VMware vCloud Director 9.1


Networking requirements

Below you’ll find the list of communication types that, in addition to the standard VMware requirements, need to take place between the OnApp Control Panel server (“OnApp CP”) and other components.

Source Destination Port Details
OnApp CP licensing.onapp.com 443 This is required so your OnApp control panel server can communicate with the OnApp licensing dashboard.
OnApp CP Public Internet 25 For mail notifications sent outbound from your OnApp Control Panel server.
OnApp CP vCloud Director 443 For access to the vCD APIs
OnApp CP vCenter Server 443 For additional statistics collection
OnApp CP ESXi Hosts 443 For additional statistics collection
vCloud Director OnApp CP 5672 For AMQP Synchronisation
End Users OnApp CP 80/443 HTTP/HTTPS communication for users to access the OnApp GUI.


Where you place your OnApp CP depends very much on how you have designed your network for vCloud Director.
This may be through a basic NAT connection into your vCD cells, or a more secure DMZ configuration.
Generally, you would place your OnApp CP in the same location as your vCD cells which would be publicly facing.

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