OnApp On Demand: service detail

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The OnApp On Demand managed service gives you access to your own fully isolated OnApp cloud, deployed on best-of-breed cloud infrastructure from providers including AWS, Hyve and Micfo.

OnApp On Demand has straightforward consumption-based pricing with a minimum commitment of one month, and an industry-leading five-nines SLA.

In terms of cloud functionality, the only difference between On Demand and an OnApp cloud deployed on your own hardware, is that we manage the infrastructure on your behalf. As a result, a number of administration settings and permissions relating to core cloud orchestration are not available to you directly – they are controlled by our On Demand team as part of the managed service.

The OnApp On Demand managed service gives you access to your own fully isolated OnApp cloud

Support and SLAs

OnApp On Demand takes the hassle out of running your own cloud infrastructure. It includes 24x7 support for your cloud infrastructure (hardware and software) from our global NOC team, and is backed by industry-leading SLAs covering deployment time, network and power uptime, cloud availability, response time and hardware replacement times, with a range of options to suit your needs and budget.

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What we do not guarantee

We take care of your cloud infrastructure, but it’s your cloud service – you support your customers as they consume and use your cloud. As a result, there are a few things we do not include in our support and SLA:


  • Applications installed on the virtual machine
  • VM level security
  • Application level security

SLA credits

In the unlikely event that we fail to meet our service level agreement, you can request a credit on your next monthly invoice through the On Demand helpdesk.


  • We will verify the request and apply SLA credits where applicable
  • Credits must be requested within 30 days
  • Total credits cannot be more than the next invoice billing amount

Locations & providers

We can build your On Demand cloud at more than 70 locations across six continents, using high specification hardware certified for OnApp clouds.

Infrastructure providers for OnApp OnDemand include Micfo, Hyve and AWS. We’ll work with you to agree the optimal choice of provider, location and hardware specification for your cloud, and help you customize the infrastructure available to suit the typical workloads your clients will run.