The fastest, easiest, most profitable cloud platform.


OnApp makes cloud easy for service providers – and with OnApp v6.0, your cloud is faster, more profitable and easier to deploy than ever before. Join our live presentations on October 23, 24 and 25 to learn why OnApp is THE cloud success platform for service providers.

OnApp v6 Webinar | Oct 23 | 2pm GMT

More Profit

Cloud is more profitable with OnApp v6.0.

OnApp v6.0 gives you even more flexibility in pricing and packaging your services. Now it’s easier than ever to tailor your cloud for different customers, and monetize your cloud infrastructure.

Plus, for VMware cloud providers… now OnApp makes it easy to monetize vCenter too.



  • Buckets – driving profit with flexible billing
  • Easy B/OSS integration
  • SDN and backup plugins
  • vCenter & vCD enhancements
  • Migrating into OnApp
  • Q&A

Accelerator Webinar | Oct 24 | 2pm GMT

More Speed

Websites are faster with OnApp v6.0.

OnApp v6.0 includes the brand new version of Accelerator, which automatically optimizes and distributes web content to our global CDN. No coding or configuration required.

Now it’s free of charge – no license fee, no bandwidth cost (subject to a fair usage policy).



  • The Internet is broken…
  • …so we’re going to fix it, together
  • OnApp Accelerator benefits
  • Helping you sell accelerated cloud
  • Technical deep-dive: how it works
  • Demo
  • Q&A

On Demand Webinar | 25 Oct | 2pm GMT

Zero Effort

Now you can do cloud without a datacenter.

OnApp On Demand is our new managed cloud platform for Telcos and MSPs. It removes the CAPEX and complexity of building your own cloud.

We take care of the infrastructure so you can focus on sales and support – and earn much better margins than reselling third party clouds.



  • Barriers to cloud success for Telcos & MSPs
  • OnApp On Demand – a new approach
  • Ensuring cloud performance
  • Why workload fluidity is crucial
  • Why On Demand cloud beats DIY
  • Q&A

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