Goodbye, minuscule margins.

Cloud is a powerful tool for profitability. Make your cloud rain money.

For Telcos and MSPs, cloud is a great way to add value to other service offerings, but there are two things that eat away at cloud profitability.

The first is complexity. Early cloud projects saw margins dwindle in the face of integration complexity, spiraling development costs, upskilling difficulties and sky-high consulting fees. And the second? Service providers who take the other approach, reselling hyperscale cloud, are working with tiny margins to begin with.

It’s time for a different approach.

OnApp clouds are successful because we focus on cloud profitability, not just cloud management. OnApp simplifies and automates your cloud business so you’re operating as efficiently as possible. So you can focus on where you add value: serving, advising, supporting and growing your customer base.

If you need to monetize existing infrastructure,  we can build a cloud in your datacenters in a couple of days. If you’re not an infrastructure business, or you’re looking to divest datacenter assets, we can deliver your cloud as a fully managed service running on hyperscale infrastructure – no datacenter required. Whichever approach suits you best, OnApp gives you total flexibility in pricing, packaging, metering and contract types. It’s your cloud brand, and your bundled services: you set the margins.

The OnApp difference

50% margin

Reselling hyperscale cloud typically delivers 7% margin. We think up to 50% is a better bet for cloud.

1 million +

OnApp powers clouds for service providers across the planet. 1m+ virtual servers can’t be wrong.

70 countries

We can build your OnApp cloud on hyperscale infrastructure in 70 countries, on demand. Just ask!

50% faster

Lead-to-cash is a critical success metric. OnApp clients report up to 50% faster onboarding time.