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eApps builds highly available OnApp cloud for Agent511’s ‘Text-to-911’ platform

  • eApps uses OnApp as the core of a distributed, highly available cloud environment for Agent511’s TEXTBLUE application
  • OnApp simplifies application deployment and configuration
  • HA and redundancy built in from server level to datacenter level
OnApp simplifies the way we manage the infrastructure for TEXTBLUE, making it easy for us to standardize and clone core server technologies
Richard Lingsch, president, eApps
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Delivering CTO-as-a-Service with OnApp

  • OnApp’s ‘single pane of glass’ for multiple cloud platforms enables Architechs to simplify the cloud for enterprise clients
  • OnApp helps reduce cost for Architechs clients by automating cloud orchestration and service delivery
  • OnApp Federation provides invaluable differentiator for future Architechs services
We need a cloud platform that automates as much of the cloud orchestration, provisioning, management and billing process as possible – and that can handle the varying requirements of different industries. OnApp is the natural choice.
Robert Karssiens, Architechs

Pure cloud focus builds €1m business in less than 2 years

  • Irish host focuses purely on cloud-based IaaS, to enables continuous innovation
  • Uses OnApp to deliver public, private and hybrid cloud services
  • Invests in enterprise-grade infrastructure to differentiate on performance and uptime
  • Initial €1m growth created true global player – now with 15 global datacenters
OnApp has entirely enabled our business – it simply wouldn’t be possible to do what we do without it.
Aidan McCarron, MD
Datacomm Cloud Business - managed cloud running on OnApp

Owning the Indonesian cloud market

  • Fast-growing Indonesian provider offers managed cloud to SMB and enterprise clients
  • OnApp’s service provider functionality supports Datacomm’s drive to dominate the Indonesian cloud market
  • Datacomm reaches 75% cloud utilization in just 6 months
  • Integrated DR offers future value-added services for Datacomm clients
We work with customers to make their cloud migration successful by understanding their goals, putting quality and security first, and supporting them throughout their journey – before, during and after their move to the cloud. OnApp is a key part of that process.
Sutedjo Tjahjadi, Managing Director
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Enterprise private cloud with OnApp

  • OnApp provides robust, customizable cloud functionality
  • OnApp’s multi-cloud, multi-HV capabilities enable hybrid cloud
  • OnApp Federation connects German enterprises with global cloud
“We have access to the global network of OnApp cloud infrastructure: which means, we can start building global infrastructure into our managed cloud services, without having to invest in building our own”
Mario Apitz, Director of Operations
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From launch to hundreds of cloud clients in just nine months

  • Fast-growing Swedish host uses OnApp for scalable, packaged cloud VPS
  • Flexible billing makes it easy to design services for specific markets
  • OnApp control panel makes cloud simple, even for non-technical users
  • Integrated CDN provides natural upgrade path for e-commerce clients
OnApp just works, seamlessly. We’ve had no issues with the OnApp platform. The control panel is easy to use, and our customers love the simple control it gives them over their VPS.
Fredrik Björklund, Business Development Manager
Reliam, a managed cloud and CDN service provider, used OnApp to host Miss Universe web applicatoins

Running global web apps under extreme load

  • OnApp CDN powers MissUniverse.com – 100m peak visitors
  • OnApp Federation cuts content delivery costs by 50%
  • Granular city-level coverage delivers 100% website uptime for huge global audience
  • OnApp support maintains business continuity
When traffic peaks, Miss Universe is one of the world’s 50 most popular websites. Using OnApp CDN we had zero downtime.
Nate Johnson, CEO
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Managing 50 clouds in 21 locations

  • OnApp enabled business growth from one UK cloud to US, South America, Europe & APAC
  • OnApp scalability and resilience supports that growth
  • OnApp’s innovation path enables creation of differentiated, value-added services
  • 24×7 support maintains business continuity
OnApp has allowed us to concentrate on running our business rather than worrying about our software stack.
Russell Foster, Director of Cloud Products
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Growing a cloud service provider business

  • OnApp simplifies cloud deployment
  • Flexible billing options make it easy to launch new services
  • Automatic failover creates customer loyalty
  • Open API enables differentiation
Moving to the cloud was a no- brainer. We had to get there to continue growing our business. OnApp is key to that growth.
Richard Lingsch, CEO
“OnApp is designed for service providers. It’s very easy to deploy, incredibly quick to set up and has a full range of features ready-to-run, out of the box.”
Andrew Rouchotas, CEO, Cartika
“OnApp has allowed us to concentrate on running our business rather than worrying our software stack.”
Russell Foster, Director of Cloud Products, UK2
“At Cloudcom we’re glad to have OnApp on our protected network. It has a definite attraction for our clients by offering cloud server administration from a mobile phone, and making their cloud server experience really quite futuristic.”
Joseph, CoFounder, Cloudcom<
“OnApp CDN allowed us to plug-and-play HTTP caching features into our streaming CDN, which has been operational for years.”
Bruno Prado, CEO, UPX
“OnApp has enabled us to enter the market with platform leading tools and service levels.”
Nick Powell, Simple Servers
“OnApp has proved its worth and provides excellent support. We believe our partnership with OnApp will let us take our business to new heights.”
Santosh Bhattacharyya, MD, VpsBeach
“OnApp’s support is as exceptional as its functionality. In my opinion, it is the ultimate cloud platform for business and requirements of all sizes – from large enterprises to start-ups, from a single cloud set-up to a world-wide 10,000 clouds. OnApp exceeds any expectations and goes above and beyond the industry standards. That’s why OnApp is the only choice for a reliable cloud infrastructure. We pride ourselves in providing top-of-the-line services to our clients, and part of it, is exceptionally awesome Cloud Servers. In our quest to find the perfect platform for our Cloud Infrastructure, we found OnApp to stand out from the crowd like no other. The functionality and flexibility OnApp offers was the primary key to its success with our clients. The enormous Operating System library was a key feature which caught our clients’ attention. We moved forward with the deployment, and since then, we never looked back.”
Ahmed Samir, DigitalFyre
“The OnApp platform, combined with our local knowledge and experience, helps us to architect systems for high availability and high load.”
Stein Van Stichel, CEO, Stone.is
“After years of testing every commercial and open source cloud service technology. we  chose OnApp. Their capabilities, frequency of feature updates and stellar support showed us we made the right decision. Now we can confidently provide our clients with a simple, fast and affordable cloud hosting service. OnApp has made running our business much simpler.”
Matthew Kelly, President, Razor Servers
“Without OnApp it wouldn’t have been possible to fully automate our order process. Our customers can now select in detail what they want and need.”
Erik Jan Visscher, Support Engineer, VPSHosting.nl
“We were looking for a software solution to manage our cloud for quite a while, and found no software that comes even close to OnApp. The support at OnApp has been outstandingly fast and helpful on a rare occasion we needed it.”
Bobi Ruzinov, LinuxCloudVPS.com
“After testing several competitors for cloud control panels, we at last decided to go with OnApp – saving a lot of time and effort and really pushed us forward here in Germany. OnApp’s very dedicated support team was always there when we needed them, no questions left unanswered or problems unsolved. The time-to-deployment was a key factor in our decision, and OnApp exceeded our expectations.”
Andreas Kunter, CEO, Dolphin IT Services GmbH
“Ipeer lets users have full control of their OnApp VMs with full utility billing, and now you can start with plenty of resources for free – with Ipeer, cloud computing is affordable for everyone!”
Johan Hedlund, CEO, Ipeer 
“OnApp Cloud and OnApp CDN are the next stage in our growth… We are very happy with the OnApp software, and the OnApp team: they are always there for you, and OnApp support is one of the best I have ever seen.”
Hamza Aboulfeth, CEO, Genious Communications
“OnApp enables us to provide reliable and flexible cloud hosting to our customers, with fast deployment and easy management.”
Marcelo Safatle, Founder, Hostlocation
“We have seen a noticeable growth in revenues since going live with OnApp”
Ravin Mehta, CEO, The unbelievable Machine Company
“Using OnApp has enabled us to provide our cloud hosting service with easy management tools, really delivering on the promise that cloud computing has”
Joe Watts, iCloudHosting
“OnApp lets us bring our services to companies we’d never have been able to work with before”
Phil Nail, Founder and CTO, AISO.net
“OnApp has significantly increased our profits, thanks to a system that’s easy to manage: it allows us to devote our resources to improve other aspects, such as client support.”
Paolo Pellicori, Keliweb
“OnApp has enabled Sprocket Networks to provide a true cloud-based VPS solution that can scale to any size client, and provides full redundancy and quick deployment. The best part about it, they do all the work and the service is unbelievable!”
Justin Clutter, Co-Founder/CIO, Sprocket Networks
“OnApp has enabled PTisp to create a true scalable cloud service with full redundancy and competitive pricing. Using the OnAPP API we were also able to customize our cloud management system and integrate it with other services. OnApp support is also very fast and always there for us.”
Luís Inverno, CTO, PTisp
“OnApp CDN gives us much more granular control over the locations used to distribute content to media outlets and fans… We can choose from more than 170 locations on demand, and with OnApp’s federated CDN model there’s a significant cost saving for our clients.”
Nate Johnson, CEO, Reliam
“We chose OnApp as our Cloud Hosting platform after evaluated several different providers. We have found working with OnApp to be a very straightforward & enjoyable experience. From pre-sales through to implementation & handover we cannot fault their customer service.  Using OnApp Storage we could roll out the new range of services without heavy hardware investment, and implement the end-to-end solution in a short space of time to maximise this opportunity. Of course, there are nerves when coming close to go-live, but we hit all of the deadlines & were able to hit the deck running.”
Tony Messer, Co-founder, Pickaweb
“Front Range Hosting was founded in 2011. We have been in business for two years now and recently expanded our offerings to Cloud Services powered by OnApp. We came to the conclusion that OnApp’s support, deployment assistance, and overall corporate attitude was a great fit for us. We compared OnApp with other services such as Parallels Cloud Server and OpenStack. OnApp was the simplest solution with the fastest time to market, and a great overall ecosystem to launch a great cloud product.”
Corey Touchet, CEO, Front Range Hosting
“OnApp enables us to automate our services and saves us time. It allows us to use our human resources in other parts of our operation.”
Cihan Sağlamöz, Cloudeos
“OnApp is the slickest, dudes. This technology allows us to immediately respond to any conceivably crippling issue at any time throughout our cloud deployments. Configurations are a relative breeze, as the underpinning software is truly superior in this sector, in all the ways that count the most. Our administrators are fully equipped to intervene with maximum powers and maximum swiftness, in response to any myriad of scenarios.”
Miguel Villegas, StarHosting
“One of the best parts about OnApp is just the simple use of it. Especially with the control panel, the way everything is laid out. Everything just kind of works….The Content Delivery service from OnApp is amazing. It lets you get into so many different points of presence around the globe for a very low introductory fee for anybody to put their data anywhere in the world.”
Andrew Westfall, CEO, Plutomic Hosting
“We came to OnApp because we have hosting customers, small-to-medium businesses, that require cloud instances – very simple, affordable clouds. But we also have enterprise customers who require Layer 7 DDoS mitigation, and we can power that through OnApp, by running our HBA engine in an OnApp cloud.”
Jeff Lyon, President, Black Lotus Communications
“We’ve been with OnApp since 2011, and our experience has been excellent.  Response to our tickets is always prompt and we enjoy the constant system improvements and upgrades. We have expectations of growing with them far into the foreseeable future.”
Dan Newman, President, Oplink.net
“It took us several months testing different solutions in order to finally choose OnApp. Now, I am glad that in partnership with them we built a true cloud platform with no compromise. Their professional attitude and attention to detail matched our understanding of how services must be provided.”
Salih Yakoubov, Product Manager, Cloudware
“OnApp allows Albergue da Web to offer high quality services to our customers and partners. Working with OnApp lets us become a real competitor in Brazil.”
Albergue da Web 
“OnApp enables us to migrate traditional accounts into more reliable and fail-safe environment within the cloud. With the migration done, our customers are better served and our engineers have more time to work on product enhancements and new product offerings”
Kittiwat Manosuthi, HostPacific.com
“With OnApp we’re growing fast, and gaining market share, and that’s the real proof of its success”
Stein Van Stichel, founder, Shift To The Cloud
“When looking for a solution to power our cloud, ease of use was a high priority. Of all the software we looked at, OnApp provided the best solution. During implementation and testing we found their support to be indispensable and very easy to work with. Our customers are happy with having an easy and reliable platform to use.”
Michael Morris, Founder,BuyHTTP
“OnApp gave us the flexibility to host all servers in the cloud – shared, VPS, everything – without one service impacting all of the others”
Eric Cooper, Chief Operations Officer, SpeedySparrow
“The ease of use of OnApp allows us to provide cutting-edge cloud technology that is more flexible, more scalable and more affordable”
Edward Lebeter, Lead Systems Architect, CloudNext
“Our customers were looking for an easy-to-use cloud based computing system where they could instantly deploy servers, and we found OnApp to be the best choice in this market. They love the service, they love the fact that they can manage their servers with an iPad or their iPhone. We see a big movement now for our technical clients to be able to control their systems, moving more from a managed type solution to a more hands-on solution, and OnApp fits that product perfectly.”
Steve Rogoschewsky, CEO, BlackSun Hosting
“OnApp has enabled our company to enter the cloud hosting market with minimal investment and in record time. From initial contact with the company, their customer support team has provided excellent advice and assistance. Our first cloud was up and running within weeks.”
Davor Domazet, Machine Networks
“OnApp has enabled Intrahost to truly achieve real cloud hosting with our new Virtual Data Centre service. The application and the support from OnApp really is first class.”
Mike Tree, Managing Director, Intrahost
“OnApp has entirely enabled our business – it simply wouldn’t be possible to do what we do without it.”
Aidan McCarron, Managing Director, Dediserve
“At AccuWebHosting.com, our entire Cloud and CDN operations are managed using the OnApp platform.  OnApp’s cutting edge technology has allowed us to seamlessly build a solid infrastructure. The synergies with this partnership will further solidify our strength in the industry, and enable us to continue to provide our customers with the very best in hosting.”
Jason P., Owner, AccuWebHosting
“OnApp allows us to offer a scalable DDoS-protected Cloud hosting service with high availability, that can meet the requirements of virtually any client. Rapid deployment, easy scalability and cost efficiency are the core features of OnApp-powered Cloud hosting that our customers value most.”
Marcus Schwarzenberg, Incloudibly
“OnApp has delivered a great service which enables us to offer our clients stable, affordable and fast solutions for their server needs.”
Eivind Bulie Haanæs, Host1.no
“Onapp has helped us automate client deployment, providing customers with a self-service portal which has done much more than just reduce our management overheads. Customers are now able to make use of the extensive API features, greatly improving the end user experience and providing the instant flexibility customers expect and deserve from a cloud provider.”
Michael Custance, VMhosts.co.uk
“OnApp stood out above other cloud technologies for a couple of reasons. The first was the integration level OnApp offers with the key back-office systems we use throughout our hosting operation. And the second was the amazing level of support that we received, from front-line support right up to C-Level.”
Matthew Russell, CEO, Web Hosting Buzz
“Our OnApp Cloud has enabled us to deliver a higher-quality, more reliable and incredibly flexible VPS Hosting solution to our customers. The product is first-class and we are constantly amazed at OnApp’s dedication to customer support.”
Jeff Moncrief, President, VPSLAND.com
“Thanks to OnApp, we were able to build the base of our cloud platform in a quick, easy, and cost-effective way, so we can focus on providing features and services that differentiates us.”
Sander Cruiming, General Manager, Cloud Provider
“We chose OnApp because of its ability to quickly deliver an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-operate managed cloud environment. This works for us and works for our customers who get a powerful, resilient platform to meet their computing needs.”
Brian Rae, Thor Data Centre
“With OnApp we could design a VPS service with the convenience and flexibility our customers expect from the cloud, with incredible resilience, ultra-fast deployment and very attractive pricing.”
Martin Baker, MD, UK2.NET
“Yourname needed a provisoning tool that offered instant satisfaction to our customers. OnApp provided the answer.”
Wouter ter Maat, Yourname.nl
“Cloud4Web demands superior quality and flexibility in our cloud management tools. OnApp has delivered on many levels and has allowed us to offer our clients the true cloud hosting experience. OnApp has lived up to their prestige reputation for reliable support and innovative technologies. We are proud to be associated with OnApp”
Jared Worth, Cloud4Web
“Customers come to Supremcloud for hosting solutions that are tailored to their precise needs, and for our total focus on security, reliability and customer service. OnApp makes it all possible with cloud services we can provision in as little as a minute. Without OnApp’s impeccable solutions and service, it simply would not be possible.”
Julien du Bois, Supremcloud
“With over 10 years in the hosting industry we wanted to move our model to the cloud, and for us, OnApp was the only contender. OnApp combines high quality and reliability with flexibility and simplicity, allowing us to continue to deliver enterprise quality solutions with the added benefit of empowering our clients. Quality is something we will not compromise and OnApp fits perfectly with our philosophy.”
J Metcalf, Managing Director, Asset ICT
“OnApp enables us to provide reliable and flexible cloud hosting to our customers, with fast deployment and easy management.”
Marcelo Safatle, Founder, Hostlocation
“OnApp gives us enterprise-class storage for our cloud, at a fraction of the cost of an enterprise SAN”
Clint Chapman, CTO, Ubiquity Servers
“OnApp’s automatic failover means never having to say we’re sorry.”
Richard A. Lingsch, President, eApps Hosting
“OnApp is easy to use. It’s easy to learn. It’s intuitive, and it focuses on the things we need to do business”
Ehsan Mirdamadi, CEO, CloudTO
“OnApp got us into the cloud quickly and affordably, and with the reliability our customers need”
Brian Smith, CEO, Big Brain Global
“OnApp has provided InstaVPS with a complete set of cloud tools that allows us to offer reliable, scaleable and smart IT solutions to our customers. OnApp’s cloud software even helped us more effectively manage our internal IT systems! InstaVPS is a proud OnApp provider and will continue to leverage the commercial tools OnApp provides to both us and our customers.”
Tagg McDonald, InstaVPS
“OnApp has a real hosting pedigree. They speak the same language we do, and have huge experience of large cloud deployments””
Jason McClure, Managing Director, Sliced Tech