So long, cloud complexity.

OnApp clouds are easy to create, simple to manage and deliver blazing performance.

A modern business has complex IT infrastructure requirements. Your clients need to run workloads on public, private, on-premises, hosted, managed and self-service clouds, depending on their price, performance, security and compliance requirements.

As a Telco or MSP you’re ideally placed to help manage that complexity – if you can find a way to make cloud simple. Having to work with legacy BSS/OSS systems, manage silos of infrastructure, and rely on manual effort for provisioning, customization and change requests… these things lead to a poor customer experience, especially set against the expectations of cloud: fast, ubiquitous, on demand.

It’s time for a different approach.

OnApp simplifies cloud for you and your clients. It brings everything together in one unified, turnkey platform that’s easy to manage, even for non-experts – and easy to integrate with your business and operational systems. With OnApp, you don’t need an army of engineers, and neither do your customers.

You can get to market fast with repeatable, customizable services, delivered in a consistent interface with your own look and feel. OnApp clouds are easy to buy and automatically accelerate web workloads. Plus, with a huge range of services available through one platform, OnApp helps increase average revenue per customer too.

The OnApp difference

1 solution

OnApp gives you a unified solution for public, private or hybrid cloud – one consistent user experience.

48 hours

If you want to monetize existing infrastructure, we can build your OnApp cloud in just a couple of days.

72 hours

Not an infrastructure business? We’ll give you a ready-to-sell hyperscale OnApp cloud in 72 hours.


One API, one UI: OnApp simplifies cloud integration with your business – including B/OSS systems.