OnApp Cloud for Service Providers

Everything you need to build a successful cloud business


Build your cloud with OnApp and sell the full range of IaaS services in one fully automated, ultra-robust and highly scalable environment.

Build a profitable cloud business

OnApp is a complete infrastructure management and go-to-market solution for cloud providers, MSPs, telcos and datacenter operators. With OnApp in your datacenter, you can handle any customer workload, compete for any RFP and keep your business profitable and competitive.
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Automate everything

OnApp gives you a fully rebrandable, self-service UI that automates all key cloud management and provisioning activities – reducing support and administration costs, and improving the overall responsiveness of your service.

Monetize everything

OnApp lets you price and charge for every hardware resource in your infrastructure, on a utility, plan or instance basis. You can offer services for multiple tiers of customers and resellers, sell add-on services and products, and manage it all through one UI.

Add scale & resilience

OnApp scales to hundreds of servers in a cluster, includes extensive failover and replication options, and HA support – so you can deliver cloud services with the scale and resilience needed for the most demanding enterprise applications.

Handle any workload

Sell cloud hosting on VMware, Xen & KVM; sell bare metal, smart servers, containers and application hosting; bring in EC2 instances as well; and enhance your cloud with CDN, Disaster Recovery and more.

Reduce storage costs

OnApp includes a high-performance software-defined storage system, so you don’t need a SAN. OnApp makes it easy to create service tiers with storage, network and compute performance for different customer segments. If you have an external SAN you can use that too.

Rapid time-to-market

Get to market fast with OnApp. OnApp is easy to deploy and configure – and we offer a full service wrap to help you integrate and customize your OnApp cloud for whatever your customers need.

Dediserve uses OnApp to build 1m cloud business in less than 2 years

With OnApp, Dediserve builds a €1m business in less than 2 years

More OnApp customers

Everything you need to compete.

With OnApp you can design cloud services for a huge range of different customers, and manage them together under one UI:
  • Public cloud with utility, instance or plan-based billing
  • Managed virtual private cloud and virtual datacenter services
  • Cloud with integrated applications and CDN
  • Cloud with storage and performance tiers
  • Cloud with global scale on demand
  • Cloud with real-time Disaster Recovery
  • …and much more