ONAPP v5.1

Try to contain yourself… Docker is going to get much, much easier.

OnApp Container Server - Cloud container - CoreOS - Docker

Big news for docker fans.

OnApp v5.1 is our first step to introducing a modern approach to Docker container hosting in the cloud. We’ve added a new beta feature – Container Servers – which provide a framework for deploying containers with OnApp’s super-intuitive cloud management UI. Using Docker is going to get much, much easier!

OnApp v5.1 also brings a range of improvements to OnApp’s core cloud management capabilities. Scroll down for more info – and check out the release notes for the full list of changes.

Next steps for OnApp customers:

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Visit docs.onapp.com for upgrade instructions from previous versions. Please pay particular attention to the different upgrade paths for cloud boot, static, and mixed cloud boot/static hypervisors – and for HA and non-HA clouds.

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Please note that we deal with the upgrade queue sequentially, so your upgrade date may move if previous upgrades take less or more time than expected. If you require a specific date or time for your upgrade, including out-of-hours, you might like to try our scheduled upgrade service below. 

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If you’re new to OnApp:

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OnApp Container Server - CoreOS Cloud-Config


Container Servers provide the framework for cloud providers to deploy Docker and Kubernetes using OnApp’s market-leading control panel.

Container Servers share the same intuitive provisioning, management, failover and metering of standard OnApp virtual servers, but are based on a CoreOS template.

The beta of Container Servers supports full container customization via CoreOS’s Cloud-Config tool.


OnApp v5.1 shows, at a glance, the top 20 virtual servers in a cloud for a wide range of resources. For cloud service providers, this is invaluable for spotting customers putting heavy demands on storage, RAM or other critical resources, helps them optimize cloud performance, and deal with issues like “noisy neighbour” virtual servers.

OnApp v5.1 also provides usage statistics filtered by compute zone.

OnApp usage stats
OnApp vCloud Director hot add CPU & RAM

New vCD features.

OnApp v5.1 adds new edge gateway configuration options within orchestration models, so end user clients can choose one or many uplink networks for the edge gateway, from any of the external networks they’re given access to – including direct connections to the Internet. Plus:

  • New virtual server/vApp configuration options during deployment, to simplify workflow for end users
  • Hot configuration of CPU and RAM via the OnApp UI
  • Editing network pools within resource pools, via the OnApp UI


OnApp v5.1 now configures network bonding options for cloud boot hypervisors, and provides hardware information for the compute nodes being managed by the OnApp platform, without having to log in via a command line to get this information.

If you’re running on an Intel chipset it links out to the relevant Intel specs page, too.

OnApp hypervisor hardware info - Intel portal
OnApp Application Server - email-as-a-service


The OnApp cloud platform can automatically provision hundreds of applications along with a virtual server, which simplifies SaaS, PaaS and DBaaS for cloud providers and their customers.

OnApp v5.1 adds email management too. Cloud providers and end users can create, manage and delete accounts for email applications through the OnApp control panel – making it easy to manage email as part of your cloud service, without having to dive into detail.